Q1How can I download the history packets to my PC from Network Server > Packets page on gateway web GUI?

Answer: Not support. The Packets page is mainly used for checking, generally it’s recommended to transfer data to application server for data analyze and storage. If you want store data on the gateway, you can use Node-RED feature to achieve it, for more detail information, please contact Milesight IoT support.

Q2How can I reduce the traffic cost by limit the useless sensor data between gateway to the Network Server?

Answer: If you're using Embedded NS in Milesight Gateway, the sensor data will not be sent out then there is not traffic cost. If you’re using third-party NS, it's possible to customize the gateway firmware to filter sensor data by specific fport. 

Q3Why the Applications and Profiles tab in Network Server page can not display normally when remote accessing the gateway?

Answer: Please double check if you add port forwarding/mapping rules on the 8080 and 8081 port to upper network devices.

Q4Can I forward one sensor data to multiple HTTP application servers at the same time on gateway?

Answer: Yes, it can support setting multiple HTTP application servers by using Node-RED feature.

Q5How can I clear the downlink packet queue in Gateway?

Answer: Not support to clear downlink queue manually now, but when sensor is disconnected from gateway, the downlink queue will be cleared automatically.

Q6How can I debug the device decoder on Milesight Gateway?

Answer: You can add device decoder to Function node of Node-RED, and test the result via Debug node.

Q7How can I add time information and in my local time zone format in the device decoder?

Answer: Add below two lines of code in the decoder for getting time information in local time zone format.

var localtime = new Date(LoRaObject.time).toLocaleString();

decoded.time = localtime;

For more detail information, please refer to: How to Use Payload Codec on Milesight Gateway

Q8Are there any LoRaWAN difference between the UG65/UG67 models with and without the 4G module?

Answer: There are no difference in LoRaWAN features.

Q9Can Milesight gateway connect to home-assistant platform? 

Answer: Yes, Milesight gateway can connect to the platform via MQTT.

Q10Can UG65 connect to an external cellular antenna?

Answer: Not support now, the cellular antenna of UG65 is an on-board antenna. If any requirements for external cellular antenna, please contact Milesight for details.

Q11Can 5G AIoT camera use lorawan for video data transmission?

Answer: No,the rate of LoRa is too low to transmit video. Milesight AIoT camera transmits LoRaWAN sensor data through LoRaWAN as a gateway, and transmits video data through 4G/5G cellular network.

Q12Can AIoT camera connect to other gateway via network?

Answer: No, the AIoT camera does not support gateway fleet function to connect other gateways.