Q1For WS301, is it possible to remove its magnetic part and use the dry contact to detect the door status?

Answer: Not support, it's necessary to use magnets to detect door status.

Q2When connecting EM300-TH to Chirpstack Server, why the margin value is significantly lower than the other brand sensor?

Answer: The margin value in Chirpstack is the demodulation signal-to-noise ratio in dB rounded to the nearest integer value for the last successfully received DevStatusReq command. Since with different model LoRa transceiver, the margin value calculation method can be different. EM300-TH uses SX1262 radio transceiver which the margin is low, and when using other model such as SX127x, it will perform a higher margin value. 

Q3When I access VS121 via WEB page, why the web page can not display properly if zoom in or zoom out the page?

Answer: Please upgrade the VS121 to version to solve this issue.

Q4After connected to Network Server, why the time of AM319 is different with my local time?

Answer: When AM319 connects to Network Server with LoRaWAN version 1.0.3 or 1.1, it will sync time to UTC+0 time zone, which might different with your local time, but you can sync device time via Toolbox or by sending downlink command. Please visit LoRaWAN Sensors FAQ-June 2022 for detail downlink command.

Q5How to monitor the working status of WS50X remotely? And can it work with other Milesight sensors?Answer: You can use Milesight IoT Cloud to control and monitor the WS50X remotely, and it can work with other Milesight sensors by adding trigger rules on Milesight IoT Cloud.

Q6What is the sampling interval of EM310-TILT sensor?

Answer: The sampling interval is 0.625s.

Q7Does EM300-SLD/ZLD have modbus RTU output?

Answer: No, it can only send data via lorawan.

Q8Can VS121 give the distance between 2 people and alert at a close distance? Is the sensor able to monitor the motion/movement navigation of a person?

Answer: Not support, VS121 can only detect the number of people. If any requirements please contact Milesight for details.

Q9Is WS52X capable of 20A continuous rating?

Answer: Not support, if any requirements please contact Milesight for details.

Q10What's the lifetime of sensors used in AM104?

Answer: The type of sensors in AM104 is MEMS which can use more than 10 years.

Q11When connecting Milesight sensor to Loriot Network Server, where can I get the "Join EUI" parameter?

Answer: The Join EUI in Loriot is same as the App EUI which is 24E124C0002A0001 by default.