Q1: Is it possible to show payload data in hex type but not base64 in Chirpstack Server?

Answer: Not support. The Chirpstack shows LoRaWAN frame payload data in base64 by default, but you can transfer the data from NS to the third-party server or App to process the data to hex type.

Q2: Is it support to change the default topic of gateway published to a Chirpstack Network Server?

Answer: Yes, you can access the gateway via SSH and modify the topic in file under path “/etc/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/chirpstack-gateway-bridge.json”. For details, please submit ticket to support.milesight-iot.com.

Q3: Questions about Milesight Gateway:

1. When 2 gateways send data to the same HTTP server and gateways receive the same data from sensor, will gateways send duplicate data to server?

2. Is it support to transfer packets from one gateway to another gateway via LoRaWAN?


1. No, the gateways will not send the duplicate data to server.

2. Not support. But Milesight Gateway can support Fleet feature which can transfer the fleet gateway’s data to remote gateway via internet.

Q4: For Milesight Gateway, is it possible to use the USB port to power the external device?

Answer: Not support. The USB port is for debug only and can not use for power output.

Q5: What kind of situation UG63 can support 2000 devices?

Answer: When UG63 works as packet forwarder only and connects to external NS, it can support up to 2000 devices. 

Q6: For Milesight Gateway, does the 802.3af POE input support Mode A or Mode B? 

Answer: Both support. The gateway is PD(Powered Device) which supports both Mode A and Mode B by standard, and the PSE(Power Sourcing Equipment) will decides which mode will be used.

Q7: When connecting UG63 to Internet, I set the Ethernet port as DHCP, how can I know the IP address?

Answer: You can check the DHCP host list on your network router to find out the correspond IP address or connect PC to Type-C port and use SSH tool to login with admin user to check the IP address.

Q8: Can UG63 support frequency plan with AS923-4?

Answer: Yes, you can change the frequency plan on the Web GUI.

Q9: For LoRaWAN gateway and sensor, if there are other systems using the same frequencies as LoRa, how to reduce the radio interference?

Answer: This can be staggered from other systems by setting different frequency channels on the gateway and sensor. And the LoRaWAN protocol supports LBT, which will greatly avoid interference.

Q10:  At the present, which milesight gateway support LBT?

Answer: UG56 and UG63 support LBT by default, UG65 and UG67 needs special hardware please contact Milesight sales for more details.

Q11:  Can Milesight gateway work with BLE long range beacon from other supplier?

Answer: No, Milesight LoRaWAN gateway does not support the blue tooth.

Q12:  What’s the type of Milesight gateway LoRaWAN antenna, directional or omnidirectional antennas?

Answer: Omnidirectional  antennas.

Q13:  For 5G AIoT camera, is it possible to use the built-in LoRaWAN gateway and an external network server at the same time and does it have a Semtech packet forwarder?

Answer: Not support yet, but it can be achieved by software customization.

Q14:  If I choose UG65 with 4G, can the gateway became a DHCP server to provide network for another device, such as PC?

Answer: Yes, UG65 supports wifi as AP mode to allow another device connection.

Q15:  Can the case of UG67 support UV-protection?

Answer: Yes, the case material of UG67 is PC, which supports UV-protection.