Q1: Is it possible to change the Milesight Router OpenVPN client authentication type from tls auth to tls crypt?

Answer: Yes, please disable the Enable TLS Authentication option, and fill in Expert options with parameters 'tls-crypt /etc/openvpn/openvpn_1-ta.key', then import ta.key file in the Certifications page.

Q2: What's the difference between UR32S and UR32?

Answer: Comparing UR32, UR32S only has 1 SIM slot, 1 Cellular Antenna Connector and Wi-Fi by default, do not have extendable storage, serial port, DI/DO interface and GPS feature. This model is mainly for Milesight CCTV remote management.

Q3: Questions about UR75:

1. What module does the UR75 5G use for radio communications?

2. Does the UR75 have SDK for additional features?


1. The module is Quectel RM500Q-GL.

2. Yes, we have python SDK for you to develop additional features.

Q4: For Milesight Router, why the cellular connection keep reloading when using in private network?

Answer: With private cellular network, some are ping forbidden which will not respond to ping packet, if the Router enable ping detection it will led to Cellular module reload since ping detection failed. So it need to disable ping detection when using it in private network.

Q5: Questions about UF51:

1. What LTE bands are supported?

What is the gain of the LTE inbuilt antennas and Wi-Fi inbuilt antennas?


1. The UF51 support bands as below:

5G NR:N1/N3/N5/N7/N8/N20/N28/N38/N40/N41/N77/N78



2. UF51 has 8 LTE antennas to suit for different frequencies and details as below,

1-3dBi in low frequency range

3-5dBi in middle frequency range

4-6dBi in high frequency range

UF51 has 4 Wi-Fi antenna and details as below,

2.4G-ANT1: 6.29dBi

2.4G-ANT2: 3.76dBi

5G-ANT1: 6.4dBi

5G-ANT2: 4.8dBi

Q6: Can Milesight router send a message when DI status is activated? For example SMS or E-mail?

Answer: Yes, it support to send a message when DI change to the expected status via SMS or Email. For more info, please refer to this article: how-to-use-di-on-milesight-routers

Q7: Does the gateway's LoRaWAN Network Server support ADR ACK request of end nodes?

Answer: Yes, Milesight gateway uses standard LoraWAN protocol which supports the ADR ACK request.

Q8: For UR32, how to achieve the Global Traffic Forwarding of IPsec VPN?

Answer: Please go to the Network-> VPN-> IPsec and fill in the Remote Subnet as and Remote Subnet Mask as to achieve it.

Q9: What is the Cat of the cellular module for the UR75 -L04EU-G-W?

Answer: It is CAT 4.

Q10: For Milesight Router, how many LAN Ports can convert to WAN ports on your devices?

Answer: UR35 and UR75 are fixed with 1 WAN port and 4 LAN ports, and UR32 and UR32L can switch 1 LAN port to WAN port.

Q11: When configuring the PPTP VPN client of Milesight Router, why the client still been assigned a different dynamic IP address from PPTP server even I already configure a fixed local IP on router web GUI?

Answer: If you want to set a static IP address of PPTP client, you need to fill in both Local IP Address and Peer IP Address in the PPTP client of WEB GUI configuration.

Q12: Why it returns error when try to request the GPS data of UR32L via CLI commands?

Answer: UR32L not support GPS, so there is no any info about it. If you need GPS feature, please use UR32 and UR35 routers.

Q13: Does the UF51 support the WI-FI 6?

Answer: Not support now, but we will release new version which supports WI-FI 6 on Q3 2022.

Q14: What's the cellular module of UF31?

Answer: The module is FG360-EAU.

Q15: For 5G Dongle, is it possible to use AT commands to connect the device to only 5G?

Answer: Yes, you can configure the AT commands on web GUI and set the cellular type locked as only 5G/only 4G.

Q16: Does UR32 have the LTE CAT M1 4G cellular model?

Answer: No, UR32 only have CAT4 now. If you have any requirements for it, please contact Milesight for details.