Q1Why the Region of Milesight gateway in Status->Overview page still remain in US915 after change the Supported Frequency to AS923 in Radio page?

Answer: It's reasonable. The region information in Status page is not related to the radio configuration, it is just used to identify the frequency band that the gateway is shipped from. If you need to change the frequency, you should change the radio channel setting that take effects.

Q2: For UG65, is it support to perform a Firmware Update Over the Air (FUOTA) using CUPS via AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN?

Answer: Not support, if you want to remote upgrade, please try Milesight Devicehub which is a remote device management platform :https://www.milesight-iot.com/devicehub/

Q3: Why the gateway still accessible via SSH by the Wi-Fi connection after disabling the SSH service in System->General Setting?

Answer: The Access Service control on web GUI is applied to the WAN access but not WLAN access, and it's reasonable since usually a device that can connected to your gateway WiFi should be a trusted device in your local network.

Q4: Questions about UG65:

1. Why the TCP keep alive interval not changed after modify the Keep Alive Interval in Packet Forwarder-> Advanced?

2. What is the NTP renewal interval?


1. Keep Alive Interval is keep-alive packet which is sent from gateway to LoRaWAN network server to keep the connection. For semtech type Network Server, it's not a TCP-keep alive packet but a UDP pull request packet. Also, in some case, the Keep Alive Interval is controlled by Server. 

2. The NTP renewal interval is fixed in 1 hour in the gateway.

Q5: Why the Frequency-Sync in Packet Forwarder->General of the gateway can not be changed?

Answer: It depends whether the connection type supports frequency sync. Only Basic Station, Everynet and Loriot can support frequency sync.

Q6: Questions about Milesight Gateway:

1. What is the TLS version?

2. Can it support IPv6?

3. Does it IETF RFC 3339 Timestamp?

4. Does it IETF RFC 5905 NTPv4?

5. Does it support LDAP or Radius?

Does it support 802.1X authentication?


1. The TLS version is 1.2.

2. Not support now. 

3. No, it only support to Timestamp IETF RFC 2822.

4. Yes, the NTP is Version 4.

5. Not support LDAP or Radius.

6. Not support 802.1X authentication.

Q7: Questions about Milesight Gateway:

1. Can the gateway work without internet?

2. Without Internet, can the sensor log be store in the gateway?


1. Yes, the gateway can work as embedded network server and communicate sensor via LoRaWAN network. For more info, please refer to this article: how-to-connect-lorawan-nodes-to-milesight-gateway

2. Yes, you can configure it via Node RED, set criteria to filter log and store it in the gateway.

Q8: Can UG6X connect to Cumulocity IoT?

Answer: Yes, UG6X can connect to Cumulocity IoT via MQTT.

Q9: Does UG65 support GPRS?

Answer: Parts of models support, please contact Milesight sales for details.

Q10: Does UG63 have API capability?

Answer: Yes, it supports MQTT/HTTP/HTTPS API to connect to 3rd party platforms.

Q11: If we are to use the 5G IoT Camera as gateway, how many nodes capacity?

Answer: It is limited to 8 sensors by default. If you need to connect more than 8 sensors, please contact Milesight for the requirements.

Q12: Can we connect direct wired from truck battery (12v battery inside on Truck) to UG65  power supply? 

Answer: Yes, as long as the interface type is adapted and the voltage is not more than 48V.

Q13: For UG63 , is there a usb connection that can support a 4G USB modem?

Answer: Not support, please select UG65/UG67 model if you need cellular connection.

Q14: For EM300-TH and UG65, what is the functionality if power supply is disconncted, can the system still operate?

Answer: No, both devices will not work when the power supply loses. For EM300-TH, please replace the battery of the device in time. For UG65, you can purchase UPS power supply equipment to ensure continuous battery power supply after the equipment is powered off.