This article describes the steps to add Milesight IoT end devices on Everynet, with a LoRaWAN® gateway that uses same regional parameters already added. 



1. Login your Everynet Network Server Account and navigate to Device page, click Add button to add a device.

2. Fill in the Device EUI, Application EUI, choose the LoRaWAN protocol version, class mode and Frequency Band, ADR mode ON/OFF, after that click the Save button to create the device.

You can find these parameters via Toolbox software or App, the default App key is 5572404c696e6b4c6f52613230313823.


Note: Make sure the frequency and channel setting of gateway and node are matched.



3. Go to Devices -> Device EUI, choose the device, you can check the uplink data and also control device via send downlink command in the Live Stream.

Example: change device reporting interval to 20 minutes.

Fill in 85 for port, send payload as: ff03b004 to set report interval as 20 minutes, and click on Claim to send command.