Milesight cellular controller device with a RS232 interface supports to transparent raw data between RS232 terminal devices and TCP/UDP servers. This article will describe how to set up transmission between RS232 of Milesight Cellular controllers and TCP server.




  • Milesight Cellular controller: UC300 (Cellular version)/UC3x
  • SIM card
  • Milesight ToolBox for Windows: download here
  • TCPCOM software(simulate as RS232 terminal device)

Basic wiring: PC(serial port tool)--Milesight controller--- TCP server


1. Connect PC to RS232 of device via USB-RS232 converter and insert the SIM card.

2. Power on UC300 and configure the cellular settings to make the device connect to cellular network.

3. Run ToolBox, select correct serial port. The default password is 123456.

4. Go to General-RS232, enable RS232 function and select Protocol as TCP. Then ensure basic parameters are the same as your RS232 terminal device.

5. Fill in server address and server port on Toolbox. When the device connects to TCP server successfully, the status will show “Connected” in green.

6. Run TCPOM software, configure RS232 basic parameter, then click Open to set up transmission between TCPCOM and controller. Please note that the RS232 settings should be the same as controller’s settings, then send a message to controller.

Go to TCP server to check, you can see RS232 data immediately. As shown: 



7. You can also send message on Sever side to controller. 

Then you will see RS232 data on RS232 terminal device side immediately.