Milesight UG67 LoRaWAN gateway supports 3 LoRa antenna modes: internal antenna, single antenna and double antennas. This article describes how to install external antennas to ensure the waterproof.


  • Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway: UG67
  • 2 × Glass Fiber LoRa Antennas (N-Type)
  • 1 × Antenna Coaxial Cable (N-Type)
  • 1 × Antenna Clamp Kit
  • 1 × Antenna Bracket (Optional)
  • Electrical Insulation Tapes
  • Waterproof Insulation Tapes

Antenna Waterproof Protection

1. Rotate antenna or antenna coaxial cable to antenna connectors of UG67 gateway tightly.

For single antenna mode, rotate antenna or coaxial cable to ANT1 connector;

For double antenna mode, rotate the coaxial cable to ANT1 connector and one glass fiber LoRa antenna directly to ANT2 connector.

Note: for the place with strong winds, it’s suggested not to connect LoRa antennas directly to connectors.


2. Clean the surfaces of antenna connectors, then wrap a layer of electrical insulation tape tightly around the connectors and overlap the previous wrap by 50%.


3. Wrap three layers of waterproof insulation tapes around the connector with a 50% overlap, note that the waterproof insulation tapes should be stretched to double when using.


4. Wrap three additional layers with electrical insulation tapes with natural uncoiling force  and a 50% overlap, ensure them to cover the head and the tail of the connectors.



Antenna Installation

1. Drill 4 holes on the antenna bracket according to the antenna clamp.


2. Loose the screws behind the clamp, pass the LoRa antenna through the antenna clamp and fix it with the 4 screws.


3. Connect the coaxial cable to this LoRa antenna and wrap the connector with tapes following above steps.


4. Fix the antenna clamp to the bracket with 4 screws.


If you do not have bracket and would like to fix the antenna to a pole, wrap the U-bolt around the pole and fix the clamp to the U-bolt with flat washers, spring washers and nuts in order.



Installation Effect



Tape Specification References


Electrical Insulation Tape

Waterproof Insulation Tape








0.18 mm


Tensile Strength

15 lb/in


Stretch (Elongation)



Sticking Power

 (Adhesion to Steel)

28 oz/in

260 oz/in




Operating Temperature

-18°C to +105 °C

≤+90 °C







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