Q1Does milesight router supports running firmware based on OpenWRT? We developed our custom firmware based on OpenWRT and if could build it for Milesight routers it would be great?

Answer: No, Milesight router does not support running third-party firmware. If necessary, please contact sales for customization.

Q2Can we provide the power supply to UR75 with PoE?

Answer: No, UR75 can only work as PoE PSE device to supply power to other devices, and only support powered by 9-48 VDC.

Q3Does UR75-5G support WIFI 6?

Answer: Not now, but we will release new router which supports WIFI6 on Q3 2022.

Q4Can UR32/UR35 control/lock the cellular bands when the sim registers network?

Answer: Yes, you can use AT command to lock the band. For the command details please submit ticket to support.milesight-iot.com.

Q5If I have two devices under LAN ports of UR32, one is going to use VPN, the other is not, how to configure the router? 

Answer: You can set up the routing table of the router. For details please submit ticket to support.milesight-iot.com.

Q6Can I run some applications (like docker) on the Milesight router?

Answer: Not support yet,it requires additional custom development.

Q7Is the UF51 support to set IP address of cellular network?

Answer: Not support. The IP address is usually assigned by ISP and can not set manually.

Q8Questions about UR3X:

1、I set up two VLANs on LAN ports: VLAN3 and VLAN4, and add an ACL rule to block the device under VLAN3 to access VLAN4 but the rule does not work. How should I set the ACL rule?

2、I've try to set up VLAN communicating but not work. Why the VLAN setting didn't take effect after configure?

3、Is there any command to clear ARP cache?


1、Please add this rule to interface Bridge0 Out ACL, do not add it to interface VLAN.

2、Please refer to article How to Set up VLAN on Milesight Routers for details, and note that VLAN ID 1 and 2 are reserved, please add VLAN ID start from 3.

3、No, but you can try factory reset to clear it.

Q9Can we increase the UR35 to support more than 15 Wi-Fi clients?

Answer: No. Due to the CPU capacity of UR3x series, it only supports 15 clients. If you need more clients, please use UR75 which may support about 30 clients.