Q1Does Milesight gateway support Wimax feature?

Answer: Not support yet.

Q2Does UG65 prevent water vapor from entering?

Answer: Yes, but please ensure the relative humidity is not more than 95%.

Q3Can UG63 connect to Loriot?

Answer: No, now only UG65/UG67 supports Loriot packet forwarder.

Q4Can Milesight gateway publish/subscribe to MQTT with SparkPlugB standard?

Answer: Yes, you can use node-red to achieve it.

Q5How to select the right LoRaWAN protocol version corresponding to the sensor on the gateway when you use gateway embedded network server? 

Answer: You can change the LoRaWAN protocol version in Network Server -> Profiles -> Advanced.   

Q6Does UG67 gateway  have the ability to configure FEC (Forward Error Correction)?

Answer: Yes, FEC is a basic function in theLoRaWAN protocol.

Q7Can Milesight LoRaWAN gateway support IPv6 network?

Answer: Not support yet.

Q8Does Milesight gateway support executing IFTTT commands offline?

Answer: Not support, and IFTTT does not support offline control.

Q9Questions about UG65:

1、What happens to packets when the transmission time/airtime is exceeded?

2、What is the spreading factor of the sent packet dependent on, can it be changed manually or is it automatic? 

3、Is there a way to see the remaining transmission time/airtime? 


1、LoRaWAN has regulations about max payload size, duty cycle and Dwell time limitation, so in no case will the transmission time exceeded.

2、Yes, if you use Milesight LoRaWAN nodes, you can either set it to be fixed or enable ADR to allow adjustment according to the LoRaWAN signal strength.

3、No, our sensor and gateway strictly obey to the LoRaWAN regulation, it is not open for customer to check or configure.

Q10Can the UG65 be installed under the sun?

Answer: Not support, the shell of UG65 is not UV-proofed, the direct sun light may weaken the strength of the shell.

Q11Does the UG65 have a fan?

Answer: No, it does not have fan.

Q12Does the MQTT of gateway support TLSv1.3?

Answer: Not support. It only supports TLSv1/v1.1/v1.2.

Q13How much traffic data of gateway will cost in one day when an AM319 connect to Milesight IoT Cloud?

Answer: When the reporting interval is 20 minutes and spreading factor is SF12, it will consume 900 kB one day at most.

Q14Could it be possible to connect to Milesight IoT cloud and also transfer the data to MQTT/HTTP/HTTPS server?

Answer: Yes, you can use Node-RED feature to add MQTT/HTTP/HTTP nodes to achieve it.