Q1Is it possible to write some custom application on UC300?  Do you provide software toolchain to do that?

Answer: No, UC300 is based on STM32 microcontroller and does not support third-party development.

Q2Can I set up the UC300 with NFC?

Answer: No, UC300 can not read and configure via NFC, you can configure it via Type-C port.

Q3Can UC300 support LoRaWAN and cellular at the same time?

Answer: Not supported, you can select either LoRaWAN version or cellular version.

Q4: Question for UC1114/UC300-lora,

1. Do we have feedback about the ON/OFF state of DI?

2. Is it possible to define some turning ON/OFF statements? Example: If parameter X from sensor >  [value], turn ON the relay. Else, turn it OFF.


1.Yes, when the DI status changes, it will actively report the status.

2.Yes, it supports setting IF & THEN commands to add conditions to trigger the relay output.

Q5What is the collecting interval of AI interface on UC50x/UC300-LoRa devices?

Answer: UC300 will always collect the AI data and UC50x collects the AI data according to reporting interval.

Q6What's the difference between LoraWAN and Cellular version of UC300 regarding to RS485 interface?


1、UC300-LoRa supports regular report and Modbus RS485 bridge mode that can transparent transfer the data; UC300-cellular can only support regular report but not bridge mode.

2、UC300-LoRa supports reading 1 register per Modbus channel and can read totally 16 registers; UC300-cellular supports reading 4 Modbus registers at most per channel and can read totally 64 registers.

Q7: Why the UC50X continuous to offline and online on Milesight IoT cloud when I disable all interfaces?

Answer: If all interfaces are disabled, UC50X will only report battery level packet per 5 hours (UC501) or 12 hours(UC502). Milesight IoT Cloud will mark the device which does not upload data more than 3*reporting interval as offline, since the cloud does not know when the device offline, the offline date and time will be marked to be within 3 seconds after online date and time. Please do not mind since this will not happen if you enable at least one data interface.

Q8Questions about UC300-Lora:

1. What is the maximum distance or radius between both or multiple devices over the Milesight LoRa D2D communication?

2. How many trigger conditions or actions the UC300 can support ?

3. Is it possible that UC300 read a RS485 Modbus device multiple inputs, then communicate with another UC300 to control multiple RS485 Modbus relays outputs over a D2D communication?


1. The LoRa D2D communication distance is the same as LoRaWAN devices.

2. One device can be added 16 IF-THEN commands at most.

3. Not support now. Only when DI condition is triggered, UC300 can send LoRa D2D control command. Due to the large variety of Modbus devices, it is not easy to implement data analysis on UC300, so there is no plan to develop this function at present. If you have any specific project for it, please contact Milesight about it.