Q1: Does EM500-PT100 have explosion-proof certification? What is the material of PT100 cable? Can it be flame retardant? What is the working temperature?

Answer: There is currently no explosion proof certification. The material of PT100 cable is Teflon wire, the working temperature is -200~290℃ and the flame retardant grade of the cable is VW-1.

Q2Can EM500-UDL work in the fog or rain day?

Answer: Yes, the ingress protection is IP67, which can effectively eliminate interference.

Q3Does the temperature will effect the measured value of EM310-UDL?

Answer: Yes, since the ultrasonic as a kind of sound wave, the propagation speed is also affected by temperature. When there is a rapid change in temperature, the measured value will have a misalignment, so it's recommended to install the sensor in the shade place and avoid rapid temperature changes.

Q4Will the Milesight LoRaWAN nodes join to new Network Server automatically after we switch the Network Server?

Answer: Yes, with rejoin mode is enabled, the sensor will send a specific number of LinkCheckReq MAC packets to the network server regularly to validate connectivity; If there is no response, the device will re-join the network.

Q5: What is the minimum supply voltage for AM102/AM107? And above which minimum supply voltage does your sensor work?

Answer: The minimum supply voltage is 3VDC, the range of voltage is 3-5VDC.

Q6Questions about EM500-PP

1、Is there any restrictions on the gas that can be measured?

2、Whether the pressure measurement is temperature-compensated?

3、The datasheet states a sensor accuracy, and which temperature this accuracy rating is valid for?

4、Which exact LoRaWAN version is supported?

5、How the accuracy changes after long-term use?


1、Yes, EM500-PP can be used to measure non-corrosive gas pressures.

2、Yes, it supports temperature compensated.

3、The PP sensor temperature is -10°C to +70°C.

4、LoRaWAN version 1.0.3 is supported.

5、 Generally, the probe will have a certain accuracy deviation after long-term use, but EM500-PP also supports Numerical calibration, we can calibrate it via NFC.