Q1: Why sometimes the router don´t switch between SIM Cards?

Answer: The router will switch the link according to the Ping Detection, only when the higher priority sim card ping public network failed, then the gateway will switch to second priority sim card.

Q2: Does UR35 support autodialing?

Answer: Not supported now.

Q3: Does broadcast address is supported on Serial DTU Transparent Mode of router?

Answer: Not supported now, but you can add up with multiple destination IP also fulfill your request.

Q4: What's the openssl version of Milesight router?

Answer: Openssl version is 1.0.2k.

Q5: Is there a way to see the latest available IP address of the UR32L routers from the DeviceHub webpage without access every router webpage remotely?

Answer: Not support via DeviceHub, but you can connect routers to VPN server (like Milesight VPN) to manage routers remotely and check the IP list.

Q6: For 5G CPE,  

1. Does it support BACnet ?  

2. Can we install edge computing software on it?


1. No,it doesn't support BACnet yet.

2. Yes, you can use python development feature to achieve it.

Q7: For Milesight routers,

1. Can the router work on wifi bridging?

2. When working as Wi-Fi access point, how many wifi user can milesight router support?


1. Partly supported, UR75 supports both 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and 5GHz Wi-Fi, you can set one as client and another as AP.

2. UR3X support about 15 users, and UR75 support around 60 users.