Q1: Does UC50X support detect dry contact pulses?

Answer: Yes, please refer to How to Wire DI/DO of Milesight UC Series Controller.

Q2: Can UC11-N1 be upgrade to Milesight UC5xx series or other completely different hardware?

Answer: No, different hardware devices cannot upgrade each other.


1. What maximum voltage can DO of UC50X switch? Is it an internal Open Collector?

2. Does UC50X support relay output?


1. The DO on the UC50X is just a GPIO interface directly from chip side, it can only read/send 0-3.3V signal. When triggering high, the GPIO will send the 3.3V signal out.

2. Not supported, If you need to use relay output, please select UC300 controller, UC50X is a battery powered device and not suit for relay output application which power consumption is high.

Q4: For UC300 LoRaWan version, 

1.Can it be used for water Irrigation?

2.Can it be charged by PV panel?


1.This depends on your irrigation switch type, but it's more recommended to use UC51x solenoid valve controller for water irrigation.

2.Yes, but the power of PV panel should be in 5-24V DC.

Q5: Question for UC512:

1. The max data reporting interval is 18 hours, could it increase to 24h or 36h?

2. Could the valve interface voltage ouput time set for 5/6 seconds?


1.Yes, please contact Milesight support for details.

2.Yes, please contact Milesight support for details.

Q6: Does UC300 4G version support GPS?

Answer: No, if you need GPS please connect a GPS senor to data interfaces of UC300 to get GPS data or use Milesight UR routers.

Q7: What is the power consumption of the UC300 LoRaWAN version, when it is working?

Answer: The consumption is not more than 1.45W.

Q8: If the internet connection to the gateway is down, how does the UC51x scheduling continue to work?  

Answer: UC51X V2 supports local plan feature to add time plan to switch the solenoid valve regularly without remote control. Please refer to UC51x User Guide for details , note that when using this feature, the device does not support remote command control directly.

Q9: Can you UC300 digital outputs be manually triggered from the IOT cloud, or does it have to be automated triggers setup in dashboard for them to work? 

Answer: Milesight IoT Cloud supports both methods to trigger the DO of UC300 controllers.

Q10: Can UC51X control 9V or 24V solenoid valve to work?

Answer: UC51x can support 5V/9V/12V solenoid valve control, 24V does not support.

Q11: How many end node can connect to UC300 via RS485?

Answer: UC300 can read at most 16 registers via RS485. If each node need to read one register value, UC300 can connect 16 end nodes at most.