Q1: How to solve the "upload error" error when I try to upgrade firmware of UG65?

Answer: Please try to connect your laptop to gateway via network cable directly and don't use VPN network or Wi-Fi connection. And it would be better to disable the PC firewall before upgrading.

Q2: After enabling and disabling Frame-counter Validation on UG6x Network Server-> Device page, how does NS synchronize the channel mask?

Answer: take Milesight sensors as example,

Frame-counter Validation Disabled

Milesight sensor keep uplink frame counter after it is repowered, and NS will frame-counter from node all the time. For the channel mask, node will only sync from Milesight gateway once it re-powered.

Frame-counter Validation Enabled

When Frame-Counter of node>NS recorded counter, NS will sync node's frame-counter. and the node will only sync the channel mask from Milesight gateway once it re-powered.

When Frame-Counter of node<NS recorded counter, NS will discard uplink packets from node until node frame-counter is equal to NS's, and node will sync the channel mask from Milesight gateway at this time.

Q3: If the UG67 is powered by 14.5V, will the device be affected?

Answer: Yes, it may break the device. Please use the standard 12V power supply.

Q4: Does the LoRaWAN output power of UG6X below 500mW?

Answer: Yes, the max output power is 27 dBm, which is about 500mW.

Q5: For 5G AIoT Camera

1.Can it be used for heat map analysis for people activities?

2.How to get data from camera to our own server using mqtt or else as protocol communication. 


1.Yes, it supports heat map feature.

2.5G AIoT Camera can not support MQTT transmission to other servers yet. If you have project or needs, please contact Milesight about it.

Q6: When I have a large number of lorawan sensor, how long the delay will be for the gateway receiving the uplink every sensor .

Answer: At present, UG6x has 8 channels for lorawan,4 for uplink and 4 for downlink. so when the number of devices is greater than 4, the uplink of some devices will be delayed in reporting due to conflict, some packets will be received by the gateway after 1-2s.