Q1Does the e-ink display settings of WS156 have any requirements for pictures?

Answer: The recommend picture resolution is 128*270, and the percentage of black pixels in the entire image should be as large as possible.

Q2: What is the scattering angle of the output of the EM310-UDL?

Answer: The maximum measured angle is 60 degrees.

Q3: What's the meaning of RX2 Frequency and RX2 datarate on sensor settings?

Answer: These are the RX2(the second receive window) frequency and data rate which accepts downlinks from network server. There is usually not need to change it and you can keep it by default. About the receive window you can refer to class A type transmission introduction: lorawan-class-a-devices.

Q4: How to install EM500-SWL probe and cable in the stream?

Answer: When you installed EM500-SWL under the flow, put the SWL probe into the metal pipe to prevent it from flow effect.

Q5: Are AM300 always uploading the sensor values with the same format and size?

Answer: No, the uplink size may change. For example, when CO2 reaches the threshold, it will report CO2 value only, and it will only report battery life every 6 hours.

Q6: Is there a way to disable this LinkCheckReq uplink or to reduce the upload frequency from EM300 and EM500 sensors?

Answer: You can disable rejoin mode to avoid the additional messages after each uplink.

Q7: I send downlink command ff22003c0011 to turn WS52X on after one minute, but why the socket will not be closed?

Answer: This command is used to open the socket after one minute, and which won't make the socket change to closed automatically. If you need to turn off it, you can send another command.


1. Can we modify the random AppKey of the sensor?

2. If I upgrade or reset the sensor, will the default value of random Appkey change?


1. Yes, you can use ToolBox to change the Appkey.

2. No, then you ask for random AppKey when purchase, the random AppKey will become default values and will not change after reset or upgrade.

Q9: What is the format and type of the reported AM103 data? 

Answer: The type of data is hex, you can refer to the user guide.

Q10: Can VS121 work without light?

Answer: For region people counting, it can work without light; for line crossing counting, we recommend that the illuminance is greater than 50lux. For the details please refer to chapter 5.2 of VS121 User Guide.

Q11: If the AM103 sensor can handle downlink requests with confirmation?

Answer: Yes, you can enable the Confirmed Mode on the sensor. When AM103 receives the gateway command, it will reply with an ACK packet.

Q12: Can I set the LoRa D2D configuration via sending the downlinks? Or I can only set up every sensor via toolbox.

Answer: You can only change LoRa D2D setting via toolbox.

Q13: Does milesight sensor support software update via OTA? 

Answer: Not support yet.

Q14: Can US915/AU915/AS923 sensor support the spreading factor as SF12?

Answer: Due to the dwell time limitation of LoRaWAN regional document released by LoRa Alliance, these frequencies are not allowed set to SF12. If you still need this feature, please contact Milesight for details.