Q1: Why I can't onboard UG6x Helium hotspot?

Answer: Please refer to this guide for simple troubleshooting: Fail to Onboarding UG6x Helium Hotspot

Q2: Why my UG6x Helium hotspot can't stay sync?

AnswerPlease refer to this guide for simple troubleshooting: UG6x Hotspot Cannot Sync to Latest Block

Q3: Does UG6x support automated firmware upgrade?

Answer: The Helium image released by Helium can be upgraded automatically. However, the firmware upgrade released by Milesight can only be upgraded manually. You can check the latest firmware in Milesight Helium discord channel.

Q4: Why there is 'upload failed' shows when I try to upgrade UG6x?

Answer: Please double check if upload a wrong firmware, the firmware used for Helium UG6x starts with 61.x.x.x.bin and the firmware used for standard UG6x without Helium function starts with 60.x.x.x.bin. If you confirm you are using the correct firmware, please try upgrade via Ethernet connection again.

Q5: Why I can't access UG6x web panel anymore after the upgrade?

Answer: Please wait patiently until SYSTEM/SYS LED lights statically again while UG6x gets into upgrade status. If you confirm the upgrade process is done and you can't access the web panel via origin IP, check the router device list UG6x connected to, since the IP may change if UG6x running in DHCP mode.

Q6: I upgrade the firmware version of UG65 Hotspot to the latest one, but the webpage does not show Helium menu.

Answer: It means your browser keeps the previous cache. It is recommended to clean the web browser cache after each upgrade.

Q7: How to know if my UG6x Helium hotspot support cellular?

AnswerYou can know it by model name on the label or web GUI status page. If the Helium hotspot model name does not include  "-LXXX", it does not support cellular connection.

Q8: I have a UG65 Helium Hotspot: UG65-915M-EA-H32 without cellular module. Can I purchase a cellular module separately from you and install it?

Answer: Unfortunately not, since there is no socket on the board to allow cellular module installation. If you still require cellular access, please connect the hotspot to a cellular router or purchase a UG67 Helium hotspot which includes cellular.

Q9: Can UG65 Helium hotspot be deployed outdoors?

Answer: UG65 is IP65 rated and designed for indoor use. If you need to deploy it outdoors, please make sure UG65 and other adaptor will not be covered by water/snow completely, and add a lightning protection system.

Q10: The LoRa LED on UG6x Helium hotspot doesn't turn on, what happens?

Answer: The LoRa LED doesn't turn on means there is no available LoRaWAN packets forward destination, please check if you disabled.

Q11: Does UG6x Helium hotspot support Bluetooth diagnosis?

AnswerNo, but you can check your Helium hotspot current status on latest firmware version. If it works properly, it should be shown higher height every 5 minutes on Helium->Sync->Sync Status. If it doesn't, there is a Helium Reset button under Helium->Operation->Helium Reset and it will help to solve most Helium problem.

Q12: How can I remote monitor and access UG6x hotspot?

Answer: You can deploy VPN or DeivceHub for remote management. You can refer to this general guide: How to Remotely Access and Manage Milesight Devices

Q13: How can I apply for a hosted Devicehub server account? Does it come with an extra fee?

Answer: You should complete your info like device SN and the email address you want to register and send an email to iot.support@milesight.com. Currently, hosted Devicehub is free trail for under 25 devices. You can also deploy your own Devicehub server refer to DeviceHub Installation Guide

Q14: I forget my hotspot web credentials, what can I do?

Answer: If you know your root credential, you can try login as root. If not, you can only reset the whole system to recover the default credential admin/password.

Q15: Can UG6x Helium hotspot transfer LoRaWAN packets to multiple servers including Helium at the same time?

Answer: This feature will come in the next update very soon.

Q16: Why is my UG6x Helium hotspot showing relayed? And what is the affect?

Answer: You can refer to this guide for more info: Understanding Witnesses | Helium Documentation

Q17: Can I change the frequency plan UG6x Helium hotspot used? Why it still shows another frequency at Status page after I changed the frequency plan in Radio page?

Answer: Yes, you can refer to this guide about how to change the frequency plan: How to Change LoRa Frequency Plan in Milesight Gateway

Q18: My UG6x lost WiFi connection after reboot.

Answer: Please update to the latest firmware which has fixed this BUG.

Q19: I lost my 12 words to login Helium wallet, can you recover it?

Answer: Please keep your 12 words carefully and make multiple backups in multiple ways. The 12 words is the only key to your Helium wallet. Unfortunately we cannot recover or provide the 12 words for you.

Q20: Can I transform my standard UG6x to Helium version?

Answer: Since Helium version and standard version of UG6x have differences on hardware, it's not changeable.  

Q21: Can we adjust the hotspot Tx Power for sending data to Helium network server?

AnswerThe real Tx power of hotspot is determined by Helium. Helium only sets a target Tx power for each region, so every Helium hotspot in your region is transferring at the same Tx power plus the gain of the antenna.