Q1: Can I set the same SSID for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi?

Answer: Yes, it can be achieved via CLI command, webpage configuration is not supported now. Please try below CLI commands:


ROUTER#conf t

ROUTER#Interface wifi0   //2.4GHz

ROUTER#ssid eee


ROUTER#conf t

ROUTER#interface wifi  //5GHz

ROUTER#ssid eee



Q2: What size SIM card is installed on the UR32?

Answer: Full size (2FF), and about how to install the SIM card to router, please refer to the UR32 Quick Start Guide.

Q3: Why we can’t scan barcodes of UR3X, specifically the MAC ID barcode?

Answer: Usually it's due to the barcode scanner accuracy is not high, please try to use a high precision scanner.

Q4: For VPN and Dynamic Routing of Milesight Router, what’s the features allowed by your Open WRT version?

Answer: Milesight routers support OpenVPN/IPsec/GRE/DMVPN/PPTP/LT2P VPN and MilesightVPN,while Dinamic Routing supports OSPF and RIP protocol.

Q5: Can UR32 collect the data with Modbus RTU and send them as MQTT over LTE into the Cloud?

Answer: UR32 supports collecting Modbus RTU data via RS232/RS485 port, cannot configure MQTT connection on the router web GUI, you can develop it through python SDK or contact Milesight for software customization.

Q6: For the UR series, is it possible to convert the IEC 60870-5-101 protocol to IEC 60870-5-104 or to Modbus protocol?

Answer: Not support now, please use Python develop this feature or contact Milesight for software customization.

Q7: Can the UF51-501EU support N256 band?

Answer: No, the N256 band is a millimeter wave band, which is not compatible yet.

Q8: Can the power adapter of UR35 support 230/240V?

Answer: Yes, rated input voltage of power adapter is 100-240V.

Q9: For the UR75, can it support GRE passthrough? and is it layer2 networking support.

Answer: Yes, UR75 can support GRE, but is layer 3 but not layer2.

Q10: Can you do DLMS over RS485 on the UR35 or UR75?

Answer: Not support yet, but you can use RS232 to transparent DLMS data.