Q1: An external sensor is powered with 5/9/12V of UC501, but why there is no power output on both interface 1 and 2?

Answer: In order to save battery power, these power interfaces only supply power when it reaches the data reporting interval, so you could not detect the power real time. For example, if you configure the 10 minutes reporting interval, it will supply power every 10 minutes.

Q2: If the digital input of UC501 (UC502) can measure short-circuit monitored?

Answer: Not supported, the DI is used for detecting the high or low level, if the device is short -circuit, it will not send any pulse to the DI, the state of DI will not be changed.

Q3: Where can I get the firmware of UC11-N1?

Answer: You can get the latest firmware version from Milesight official website.

Q4: Does UC controller support M-bus protocol to LoRaWAN controller?

Answer: Not support yet. If you have this requirement, please contact Milesight for details.

Q5: Can UC300 store data locally?

Answer: Not supported, if you need, please contact Milesight for software customization.