Q1: Can the cellular module L00AU of UG6X supports B41?

Answer: Not supported, here are the supported bands for this module:

LTE FDD:B1/B2①/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28


WCDMA: B1/B2/B5/B8

Usually, the gateway with EMEA cellular module (L04EU) supports band 41.

Q2: Can UG65 act as a Modbus TCP server?

Answer: Yes, you can use Node-RED to achieve this feature.

Q3: Does UG63 support node-red function? 

Answer: No support. If you need node-red function, please choose UG65/67.

Q4: How many sensors can be connected when UG63 works as built-in Network Server?

Answer: Due to hardware limitation, the number of connected sensors is recommended to be 20~30 units. If you need to connect more sensors, please use UG65 or UG67 gateway.

Q5: Can UG63 connect to AWS NS?

Answer: Yes, UG63 can connect to AWS IoT Core via basic station package forwarder.

Q6: For UG63 power supply,

1.What is the input voltage of UG63?  

2. Does it have a cellular model option?


1. Use Type-C 5V or PoE power supply.

2.Not support.

Q7: Can we install an open source version of Linux in Milesight gateway, we need to be able to load our own edge programs.

Answer: Yes, you can access the gateway backend through ssh and install it yourself.