Q1About AM300 Series,

1. Is it possible for the Date&Time displayed on screen to be presented in date format DD-MM-YYYY instead?

2. Why firmware version of AM319 shown in Toolbox Software (01.03) is inconsistent with the version shown in ToolBox App(1.3)?

3. If the AM319 can only support either HCHO or O3?

4. If Screen Smart Mode is enabled and after 20 mins of PIR inactivity, the screen will not be blank completely and so even though there maybe still content shown on the screen, but the screen is actually no longer drawing/consuming any power when in Screen Smart Mode is this correct?

5. Is it possible for AM319-915M to support the higher spreading factors SF11-SF12?

6. Is Milesight able to provide support of generating different AppKeys and providing manifest of programmed keys for each unique DevEUI units at factory for each shipment.  

7. Can the AppKeys (unique to each device) be made non-editable, so that it will persist permanently for life of device even when factory defaulted?


1. Yes, we can open the date format selection, please contact Milesight for software customization.

2. They display as different designs, but the version is the are same.

3.Yes, either O3 or HCHO sensor is optional. They cannot both exist on one unit.

4. Yes, the screen will stop refreshing and show the last update content, which can save the power.

5. No, the dwell time of US915/AU915 may over the country’s regulatory requirements.

6. Yes, you can ask for random appkeys when you order.

7. Appkey is changeable by default, if need to non-editable, please contact Milesight for software customization.

Q2: About AM307,

1. Is there battery lifetime info for the AM307-915M?

2. Can you provide the collection time of each sensor of AM307?


1. When setting reporting interval as 10 minutes, the battery life is about 2 years (SF10) to 3.9 years (SF7).

2. Yes, the data collecting time is different from reporting time. For AM307, it collects CO2 data every 2 mins, TVOC data every 5 mins and others every 1 min. The collecting time is fixed and not support change now.

Q3: Can EM500-PP be used to measure magnesium hydroxide solution pipeline pressure?

Answer: Yes, the probe of EM500-PP uses 304 stainless steels, which has the functions of acid and alkali resistance. Generally, it can support the range of PH1-14. If higher anti-corrosion requirements are required, please contact Milesight for 316L stainless steel which needs to be customized.

Q4: Can EM300 series store sensor’s data locally?

Answer: Not Supported now, if you need, please contact Milesight for software customization.

Q5: Can EM500-UDL be used to measure the tank with significant concentrations of ammonia gas or methane gas?

Answer: No, it cannot place on this environment. Not only there maybe something covers on the UDL probe to affect the measurement, but also it cannot use on this explosive environment.

Q6: I want to be alerted in case of flooding of a pond which being clear water, which LoRaWAN sensor is recommended?

Answer: EM500-SWL is recommended, which can measure water level in harsh environments and transmitting data/send threshold alarms using LoRaWAN technology.

Q7: What is the purpose of two tiny holes on EM300-SLD leak detection sensor?

Answer: These two small holes have no practical use, just a design.

Q8: Is there a way to disable this LinkCheckReq per downlink or to reduce the frequency?

Answer: Yes, you can disable Rejoin mode to avoid the additional messages after each uplink.

Q9: EM300-TH and EM300-MCS used inside fridges and chillers, whether the temperature will affect the transmission distances?

Answer: Temperature won't affect the LoRa network range, but the outer shell of your fridges may affect the range. If it is made out of metal, it will have influence on LoRa signal.

Q10: How to modify the LoRaWAN version of AM307, can it support 1.0.3/1.0.4?

Answer: You can modify LoRaWAN version via ToolBox software or App, it does not support 1.0.4. 

Q11: Can EM500-PP pressure range reach 0-25 or 30 bar?

Answer: The probe can be customized according to the demand up to 100Mpa. If you need it, please contact the Milesight sales.

Q12: For WS101, do you have another version with 2 press button?

Answer: No, if you need more buttons, please use WS156/WS136 which has 6 buttons.

Q13: Is the battery of the AM307 rechargeable? Does the insulating sheet need to be removed before use?

Answer: No, the batteries in AM307 can not be charged, and it is individually packaged without insulating sheet. 

Q14: For EM500-PP, can I set the sampling period via downlink?

Answer: Yes, the report interval is the same as sampling period, you can set the report interval of EM500-PP.

Q15: What is material the temperature probe of EM500-PT100? 

Answer: The material is 304 stainless steel.

Q16: Does the VS121 AI workplace sensor have loiter sensor to detect someone is waiting in the place for 3 minutes? Does it have line-crossing function? And if in a garage, can it tell me if someone walked in or walked out?

Answer: No, it is not currently supported as a loiter sensor, but it can support the function of over-the-line detection and record the number of people entering and leaving

Q17: What is the maximum environmental detection range of EM500-CO2?

Answer: There is no specific detection range, it’s suggested to locate sensors to representative places to get accurate data.

Q18: How to connect milesight sensor to Datacake or Ubidots?

Answer: We can connect sensors to Datacake or Ubidots via TTN, please refer to this article: Connect Milesight IoT sensors to Ubidots via TTI

Q19: Can Milesight sensor be added to the Milesight IoT Cloud and the cloud platform built by the customer at the same time?

Answer: Not yet, and the premise is that our gateway needs to be able to connect to the customer's platform.