AWS IoT provides secure, bi-directional communication between Internet-connected devices such as sensors, actuators, embedded micro-controllers, or smart appliances and the AWS cloud. This article will describe how to connect UC300/UC3x cellular controller to AWS IoT platform via MQTT.


  • Milesight Controller: UC300 (cellular version), UC3x
  • SIM card
  • An AWS account
  • Toolbox software


AWS Configuration

1. Log in to your AWS account.

2. Go to Manage > Things and click Create on the top right corner.


3. Click Create a single thing, then name the thing.


4. Click Create certificate to generate the certificates. If you skip this step, you can also go to Secure > Certificates to generate them and attach them to this thing.


 Click Activate, then download all certificate files. Besides, click Download a root CA, you will be lead to a new AWS page.

Click Amazon Root CA 1 and copy the content to create a ca.pem file.


 These are all cert files for device AWS connection.


5. Go to Secure > Policies, click Create at the top right corner.


6. Name the policy and set the statements as below, then click Create. In this example the policy is uc300_Policy


7. Go to Secure > Certificates, attach the certificate you generate for the device to the policy uc300_Policy

 You can click the certificate to check if the policy is attached.



UC300/UC3x Configuration

1. Insert the SIM card to device and ensure it registers to Internet network.

 2. Log in Toolbox, go to Application page, select the application mode as AWS to configure the server settings, then import the ca.pem to CA File, certificate.pem.crt to Client Certificate and private.pem.key to Client Key. AWS server address can be found on AWS Settings page.



Uplink Test

On the AWS GUI, go to Test > MQTT test client page to subscribe the topics to get uplinks. About the uplink topics and payload description please refer to corresponding communication protocol document:



Downlink Test

You can download another MQTT client software to connect to AWS and send downlinks. About the uplink topics and payload description please refer to corresponding communication protocol document.

Take MQTTX software as example, 

1. Generate and download new certificates on AWS Secure > Certificates, then attach the certificate to uc300_Policy


2. Configure the MQTTX to connect to AWS, then you can subscribe topics to get uplinks or publish downlink commands.