All Helium full hotspots required fully synced to latest block chain height for participate in PoC activities like beacon or witness. Normally hotspot will start to create challenge after synced, then start to witness beacon or send beacon after hours when its first challenge.

In normal, UG6x hotspot will shows higher height at Helium->Sync->Sync Status web interface every 5 minutes, if it can’t get into syncing or failed to stay synced, you can follow this article for simple troubleshooting. 

If you don’t see Helium tab in your web interface, please check your current firmware version and update to our latest firmware: If your hotspot already run firmware above version, please clean the browser cache.



UG6x hotspot with or above firmware.



1. Check if your hotspot have decent network connection. 

Download bandwidth less than 300 Kbps will have trouble to download the latest snapshot and stuck with redownload cycle.

2. If you are using third party snapshot server in Automatic Sync setting, please double check if you input correct server address.  

3. Check if your Helium process is running well.

If Helium->Sync Status->Helium Sync Status shows ‘Not Syncing’ means the Helium process doesn’t run or hotspot can’t connected to Internet, which will caused not synced.



Troubleshooting Example:

You can download the Helium process log by Helium -> Operation -> Helium Log -> Download for further troubleshooting.


1. If you faced snapshot download failed because url_not_foundfailed_connect’ or time_out in console.log, means your hotspot have difficulties to download snapshot from input Snapshot Address, should check whether input an invalid snapshot server address or your download speed from this server is pretty low or doesn’t connected to Internet.



2. If your Sync Status stuck at particular height, and you can see ‘crash during absorb’ in console.log, means your hotspot trying to absorb a corrupted block, which commonly happens when unexpected shutdown the process or transmission error during P2P connection.


You can click Helium->Operation->Helium Reset button to erase the corrupted block and resync again. If it doesn’t work, please contact Milesight IoT Support.

3. If you can see your hotspot keep shows ‘new block sync starting’ but no respond with ‘adding sync blocks’ , it means your hotspot have difficulties to connect with other hotspot via p2p network.

You should check if this hotspot is under any kind of firewall, NAT, or filter. If this happened after some day of normal work, you should check if your ISP changed your export IP, if so you can try reboot your router and hotspot.