Q1Can you provide power consumption figures for UC501 V1 when only RS485 device connected?

Answer: The consumption of every lora uplink package is not more than 10.1 uAh (SF10). If you use the UC501 to power the RS485 device, the consumption depends on your RS485 device consumption.

If UC501 does not power the RS485 device, the battery life is about 6 years (10 min interval, SF10); if UC501 power a 0.1W device for 2s every time, the battery life is about 1.8 years (10 min interval, SF10). However, this battery is chargeable and you do not need to replace it.

Q2Does UC1152 support Pulse Counting function in water meter application?

Answer: Yes, UC1152 DI supports pulse count feature for hardware 3.0.

Q3A pulse water meter connected to UC51X, whether the count will be reset when there is no water in the pipe?

Answer: No, if there is no water flow, it will keep the last count.

Q4I connect a RS485 device to UC502, the device Modbus data is stored as little-endian (DCBA), why I can't get correct data via Toolbox or Milesight decoder?

Answer: ToolBox will use big-endian to decode the data, which is ABCD order; and Milesight decoder uses BADC, you can modify the decoder to get the correct data.

Q5About UC1114:

1. What happens to the count value in the UC1114 if power is lost?

2. What max cable length would you suggest to connect from the meter to the UC1114?


1. The count value will lose and start to count from 0 after power lost.

2. Usually the length will not affect the communication.


1. Can UC1152 achieve two-way communication between gateway and RS485 devices?

2. Is it possible to configure Modbus Channel via downlink command?


1. Yes, you can enable Modbus RS485 bridge LoRaWAN which can transmit all downlink comand to Modbus slave device transparently. More detailed info, please refer to this article: How to use Modbus RS485 Bridge LoRaWAN Feature

2. Not supported now, it can only be configured via Toolbox software.

Q7: Can we use UC1114 to detect whether the motorized fan is operating? For example either a 0 or 1 return.

Answer: Yes, it can be connected to the DI port to detect the status.

Q8Two valves can be controlled independently of each other via the UC512, correct?

Answer: Yes, two valve control interfaces work independently.