Q1When UR75-5G acts as VPN Server, how many numbers of VPN clients can be connected in it?

Answer: For OpenVPN, it can connect with 5 clients. For the rest of VPN, it is suggested to connect with 1 peer.

Q2Can UR32  work under altitude conditions up to 5,000 meters above sea level?

Answer:  Altitude primarily affects the power adapter, reducing insulation and switching efficiency. Current power adapters can work at altitudes up to 5000 meters.

Q3When UR35 works as Wi-Fi AP, what’s the max distance between it and UG65 via WiFi?

Answer: It is about 30m.

Q4For UR32L, can we monitor the SIM card  traffic?

Answer:  Yes, you can get the data usage monthly on the web GUI.

Q5For the UF51-501EU, do you have a dual modem version in the road map for redundancy purpose?

Answer: Not support yet. If you have project requirements, you can contact sales for farther help.

Q6Can UF51 use both fixed broadband (wan port) and 5G connectivity?

Answer: No support yet.

Q7Does your router support the PRTG monitoring tool? For alarms, configuration, reporting, logging?

Answer: Not support yet, but you can use Milesight DeviceHub platform to manage router: https://www.milesight-iot.com/devicehub/

Q8: Question for UR75 5G

1.Can I connect non-PoE devices to the Poe port of the router? Will the PoE port on the router damage a non-PoE device?

2.Does the PoE port will detect, if the connected device is a PoE device or not?


1. Yes, if the router connect to a non-PoE devices, it will only transfer network port information. Standard PoE needs negotiation between PoE devices; if UR75 detects the device not support PoE, it will not provide the power supply and damage the non-PoE devices.

2. In theory, the PoE can be detected. But UR75 does not have this function yet, if you need it, you can contact Milesight for customization.