Q1I have connected UG6X to the Internet, can you help to check why Ping and Traceroute function of are not working?


1. If the device accesses network via Wi-Fi, please check whether wlan0 set as Main Interface on Network -> Link Failover -> WAN Failover webpage.

2. If the devices accesses network via Ethernet port, please check whether Ping is forbidden in your router’s firewall settings.

Q2I need to configure 9 client subnets in OpenVPN server of UG6X, what should I do?

Answer: OpenVPN server configuration on UG6X only supports up to 5 client subnets currently, which is designed to make the OpenVPN performance more stable.

Q3Is there SAW filter (bandpass filter) in Milesight UG65?

Answer: Yes, there is, and both Tx and Rx channel has SAW filter.

Q4When PoE Injector with 24V used to power on UG6X, it didn’t work, but when PoE Injector with 48V, UG6X works fine, can you explain it?

Answer: Because UG6x supports 802.3af standard, only accept the voltage range from 37-57V.

Q5Connect UG6X to TTS via Semtech Packet Forward, I need to release the gateway traffic on firewall, can you provide which port is used for this connection?

Answer:  The default port to communicate with TTI via Semtech UDP packet forwarder is 1700, you can also refer to the Port Allocations provide by TTS.

Q6: Question for UG65/UG67,

1. Does UG67 have in-built lightning surge protection? And any cavity filters?

2. Does UG65 have backup battery in-built?

3.Do you have Solar Panel solution to support UG67 to be powered by solar?


1. No, UG67 does not have lightning protection and cavity filter, please purchase and add them according to your requirement.

2. No, UG65 doesn’t have built-in battery.

3. No, but UG67 has DC 12V interface for solar power system connection.

Q7: Does UG67 run linux? What version exactly?

Answer: Yes, the linux version is 4.14.98.

Q8How to disable this GPS function on UG67?

Answer: Not support yet.

Q9: If we send data to AWS IoT Core For LoRaWAN via Packet Forwarder, does your gateway still buffer data inside the gateway when network is unavailable?

Answer: The gateway does not support buffer data when using packet forwarder. But you can use Python SDK or Node-red to achieve it.