Q1Why does the illumination of AM300 represent the light level and not the actual light value?

Answer: Make illumination to be light levels will bring user more intuitive concept of illumination values.

Q2: Can AM319 be used directly and monitor it via smartphone without connecting to gateway?

Answer: Yes, AM319 can be installed alone, control and manage it via NFC.

Q3: What material is used for the housing of EM310-UDL?

Answer: The housing is ABS material. It can be widely used in waste management, water tank monitoring, manhole cover monitoring, etc.

Q4Where is the button can be used to switch on/off and reset EM310-UDL?

Answer: To get the button, you need open the shell to find it.

Q5About AM307:

1. Is it possible to increase the volume on the buzzer?

2. Does AM307 support AA batteries?


1. No, the volume of this buzzer is fixed as max value now.

2. Not supported, please use ER14505 Li-SOCl2 batteries.

Q6There is a movement within the range of WS202, why this movement will not be reported under triggered status?

Answer: WS202 only updates status when PIR status change from “not triggered" to "triggered" or from "triggered" to "not triggered". If you test the movement under triggered status, the sensor will not update the data again.

Q7: Could you indicate me the angle of the ultrasonic reception cone on the EM310-UDL?


1.  The object to be tested is a white cylindrical tube made of PVC, with a height of 1000mm and a diameter of 75mm.

2. The object to be tested is a "corrugated box" perpendicular to the 0° central axis, with a length*width of 60cm*50cm.

Q8AM307 CO2 threshold setting is enabled, when it is triggered, the screen emotions will be changed, but why screen emotions will not restore to good after the value returns to normal?

Answer: Please ensure if you salso enable other pollutant threshold settings. Except for CO2, other concentrations of air pollutants of TVOC, PM2.5, PM10, HCHO/O3 will also affect screen emotions.

Q9If I put the WS301 in a fully enclosed safe, will the signal be completely cut and what is the communication distance to the gateway at this time?

Answer: In a fully enclosed iron box, the transmission distance is about 30m. The specific signal situation should be tested according to the actual environment.

Q10Can AM319 detect dew point?

Answer: No, AM319 only supports relative humidity is detection.

Q11Does WS52X need to be calibrated after some time or is it not necessary?

Answer: No, WS52X does not need require calibration.

Q12For WS52X, is it possible to modify this device to be MCB based ?

Answer: No, but WS52x and MCB have similar functions in some hands, overcurrent alarm and overcurrent protection. And when the current overload is triggered, WS52x will report immediately.


1. Do Milesight sensors allow users to change device EUI, App EUI,network EUI and frequency of data uplink?

2. .Will you have patches update or allow patch update functions?


1. Device EUI is fixed and unmodifiable after leaving factory, others can be changed via toolbox. If you need to customize default parameters of sensors, please contact Milesight about OEM services.

2. You can only update sensor’s firmware via toolbox locally.

Q14: Does the EM500-PP pressure probe comes calibrated from factory right?

Answer: Yes, we did calibration at the factory, and you also can calibrate the sensor via toolbox.

Q15Question for AM319 and UG65:

1. Does Milesight have any device to check the signal before installing? (To verify the signal from sensor to gateway)

2. What intervals time of sensor signal transmission can be set? How long does it take to send signal from gateway to cloud? 

3. If the AM319 model does not have battery, do you have any option that no need wiring installation?

4. Can Milesight be provide API access and export data into an external system or application?

5. Can the display of AM319 be customized?

6. If the installation area has a steel door, will it affect the LoRaWAN signal transmission?


1.The gateway has the noise-anaylzer function to detect signals: How-to-use-noise-analyzer-on-milesight-gateways

2. 1-1080 minutes interval is configurable, the gateway and the cloud communicate via the Internet communication, depending on the your Internet network speed, generally there is no delay.

3. No, please choose AM307 which can be powered by battery.

4. No, but if you use milesight gateway, there is MQTT/HTTP API that can connect to your external system and upload the data.

5. Yes, please contact Milesight for customization services.

6. Yes, it will affect the transmission distance.

Q16Can I just use AM300 as an IAQ monitor without lora function?

Answer:  Of course you can. But not all data can be displayed on the screen, like PIR status.

Q17For EM500-SMTC, what is the service life of its detector?

Answer: The detector of EM500-SMTC can use at least 10 years.

Q18Can the WS series I purchased before support D2D function?

Answer: Yes, you can update the firmware via toolbox to support LoRa D2D feature. And you can download the latest firmware from the link: https://www.milesight-iot.com/software-download/

Q19Can WS52x push notification if the WS52X loses power?

Answer: Yes, WS52x hardware 1.2 has a built-in super capacitor, when the device is powered off, it will send an alarm packet to the gateway.

Q20WS52X is connected to Helium console, why the downlink command will only send to sensor when uplink packet received?

Answer: Since Helium platform only supports class A type node, the platform will process the downlinks like class A device, only send the downlinks when there are uplinks.