1. Do UR35 or UR75 have two cellular modems ?

2. Do you supply fixing lugs?


1. No, there is only one cellular modem inside UR routers. UR35 and UR75 can insert two sim cards, but only one can be used at the same time.

2. Yes, UR routers supply lugs for wall mounting or DIN rail mounting.

Q2: Is Multipath TCP (MPTCP) RFC6824 supported by the UR75-500GL-G-W or  UF51-501EU-5G?

Answer: Not support, UR routers only support normal TCP protocol currently.

Q3Can UR35/75 support GRE with NHRP (Multicast)?

Answer: No, it only supports point-to-point GRE, if you need NHRP, please use DMVPN.

Q4: Does the UR3X support logging of the RS485 data?

Answer: Not supported, but it supports Python development and you can use python sdk to develop this feature.

Q5: What is the total power consumption when UR32L is working?

Answer: 1.8w-2.2w under non PoE condition.

Q6Does the Router support Massive SMS?

Answer: Not support yet.

Q7:There is a Python SDK for the gateway. Can we use that to build offline storage option ourselves?

Answer: Yes, you can develop your own Python programs to achieve the storage, and can also use node-red for data storage.

Q8Does UR75 5G router support VxLAN?

AnswerNot Supported now, but it can be software customization if necessary.

Q9Is it possible to add the Hostname variable in the SMS of UR3X in order to distinguish the routers easily?

AnswerNo, but you can input the device hostname manually in content.

Q10Can cellular module of UR32-L00E-W-P be used in Australia?

AnswerNo, the modem is mainly used for Europe. If you want to order the device used in Australia, inform us when placing order. We will deliver the device that with AU version modem.

Q11:Do we have a 4G cellular module that supports Band 31?

Answer: No support yet.