Q1What is the power consumption of the UC1114? 

AnswerWhen UC1114 send Lora message, the highest power consumption is 0.24W.

Q2Do you have a UC controller that can accept a BACnet MSTP input? 

AnswerNo, Milesight controllers can not compatible this input yet.


  1. What does “UC50x only starts counting when it detects 6 pules from pulse device” mean?

  2. If restarting UC502, how does the pulse count?


  1. For hardware 1.x UC50x series devices, when it receive within 5 pulses, the device will only detect pulse counter as 0; when it receive 6 pulses, the device will detect pulse counter as 6.

  2. The counts will accumulate after restarting, but if you click Clear button on GPIO Setting -> Pulse Counter of UC502, it will reset the counter then again ignore the first 5 counters.

Q4Can I use GPIO interface of UC51X to read DI status?

AnswerNo, GPIO interfaces are fixed as pulse counter type.

Q5May I know if Milesight have LoRaWAN controller with 4 DI & 4 DO or more?

Answer: No, the UC1114 has at most 2 DI and 2 DO interfaces. It’s suggested to use two UC1114 devices.