Q1For EM500-SWL sensor,

1.Can water level sensor be deployed outdoors at 55 ℃ without shade? 

2.Will it be affected by sun exposure?For example, long-term exposure to the sun can cause the shell to age or even crack.


1.Yes, the water level probe can work in the environment of -10~60℃, and the ingress protection is IP67.

2.Yes, the shell is made of ABS. If it is exposed to the sun for a long time, it may degrade the device. It is recommended to install it in a sheltered place as much as possible.

Q2There are no AM300 series products on TTN, how to add it?

Answer: please click Manually tab to add other model's sensor.

Q3Can the EM310-UDL be installed under the urban manhole cover and how about the signal interference?

AnswerYes, EM310-UDL can be used in manhole cover scenarios, and there is a limit to the distance between the gateway and the node. Here are some installation recommendations:

1. If you use Milesight gateways, please install long LoRa antenna and place to high location to get the best signal;

2. Landscape plants will also interfere with the equipment signal to a certain extent, please ensure there are few obstacles between gateway and EM310-UDL sensors;

3. The transmission distance of senor is about 7~800 meters in open conditions. In crowded cities, the distance is about 500 meters. Please place gateways referring to these distances.

Q4Wherever you need to count people entering the facility like rooms, service points,  is there something you can offer ?

Answer: Yes, VS121 supports line crossing counting feature. You can set where to draw the line and the sensor can count the in and out people numbers.

Q5For AM107,

1. Can you please confirm the activation mode ?

2. Is it interoperable with any LoRaWAN Gateway ?

3. For CO2, which technology is it based on ? (NDIR ?) what is the accuracy?  what can be the drift?

4. Does it integrate a datalogging mode ?


1. OTAA or ABP is configurable.

2. Yes, it can work with other brand’s LoRaWAN gateway.

3. The type of CO2 sensor is NDIR, the accuracy is ±(30 ppm + 3%). In general,the sensor will not drift.

4. Not support, if you need this feature please select AM300 series sensors.

Q6What is the range I can adjust the EM500 sensors collecting interval and the report interval of data? 

Answer:The data collection interval is consistent with the reporting interval, and the reporting detection can be configured from 1 to 1080 minutes. If the threshold alarm is turned on, there is also collection interval setting. If the threshold will be triggered according to the collection interval.

Q7Is there an option to disable the emoticon of AM300 series?

Answer: No, the emoticon will only appear when some sensors are disabled, and there will be no emoticon when all sensors are enabled.

Q8How much space the vision sensor can cover if the ceiling is 2.6m high?

Answer: The detection area at a height of 2.6m is about 60㎡.

Q9Does WS52X have a function that if I send a command to turn OFF. The socket will turn OFF (for example 30 minutes) and it will turn back on automatically?

Answer: Yes, you can send downlinks to set a delay to turn on the power via ff2200080711, for more details please refer to WS52x User Guide.   

Q10For VS121,

1. If the ceiling is 6m Can it count people? 

2. At what height, it can cover 12m diameter of detection area?


1. Not suggest, the height of 6m may have a large error in detection.

2. About 3.5m.

Q11Can EM300-ZLD detect diesel leakage?

Answer: No, the ZLD detector generally detects water or other conducting liquid which causes the circuit in the rope to short-circuit to generate an alarm. Pure diesel is generally non-conductive.

Q12Question for EM300 Series,

1. When the device first powers on what band does it attempt to join and can this be changed?

2. What is the battery size?

3. At 20 dBm, spreading factor 10 and reporting once per hour, what is the expected battery life?


1. There are three models which can change to different frequency bands:

-868M: work as EU868 by default, support EU868, IN868, RU864

-915M: work as AU915 by defaut, support US915, AU915, KR920, AS923

-470M: CN470

2. EM300 series uses ER18505 Li-SoCl2 battery which is A size.

3. The battery life is about 12 years.

Q13For VS121, is it possible to measure dwell time of people on the sensors?

AnswerNo support, if necessary please contact Milesight for this software customization.

Q14How to place VS121 to support 190°Horizontal field of view area?

AnswerPlace the side with Milesight Logo as the length for region detection. Besides,  there is a positioning sticker on the sensor, but the you need open the top cover to check it.

Q15We have received the AM319 and they are missing the battery connectors.

AnswerAM319 does not support installing battery, it can only be powered by type-C port. If you want to use battery, maybe AM307 is a better choice.

Q16What is the reason for the data on the screen of the AM319 keep on changing and not synchronizing with reporting interval setting?

AnswerThe report interval is different the screen refresh time. AM300 series will update screen data every 1 minute and do a full-screen refresh every 30 minutes(AM319) or 60 minutes(AM307) in order to remove ghosting.

Q17:The buzzer of AM300 series doesn’t sound again after I press power button once to stop the buzzer from beeping, how to retrigger the buzzer?

AnswerYou can only wait till one of the concentrations of air pollutants exceeds the bad threshold, then the buzzer will work again. Currently AM300 doesn't support configure a buzzer interval time, you can adjust the threshold to trigger the buzzer again.

Q18Threshold is triggered of EM500 series, but the sensor does not report data according to the collection interval which is set in threshold setting.

AnswerCollect interval in threshold setting is designed to increase detection frequency for more accurate data, but the devices will still report data according to the reporting interval.