Q1What is the UR32 GPS accuracy? I noticed that there are some strange positions on the map, seems the accuracy is not very high.

Answer: GPS accuracy of UR3x Milesight router is 2.5m, CEP-50%, which means it has probability of 50% to located within 2.5 meters. This is the reason tol get strange positions sometimes.


1. How to check if my UR32 router supports RS485 feature?

2. Is it possible to support RS485 feature via firmware update?


1. RS485 feature is a hardware optional function, you can check the device label on the device or go to Status->Overview->System information ->Model of webpage to check whether the product model name contains -485. If not included, it means this model doesn't support RS485 feature.

2. No, they have different hardwares.

Q3: What is the maximum power consumption of UR32L PoE model?

Answer: The power adapter of UR32L POE model is 48V, 1.25A, the PoE type is 802.3af/at, so the max power consumption is 60W.

Q4: Does Milesight Router support captive portal?

Answer: Not supported now, if you need, please contact Milesight for software customization.

Q5Can we wired RS232 of UR32 to DB15 interface?

Answer: Yes, RS232 of UR32 uses 6 pin connector, but you can use a converter to connect to DB15 connector.

Q6What is the maximum power and current of UR32L POE output?

Answer: POE of UR32L support 802.3 af/at, it can output 15.4W and 350mA at maximum.

Q7How can I connect UR3x router to our third-party management platform?

Answer: You can use SNMP function on router or develop a Python program for it via Python SDK.

Q8We have poor Internet condition that may drop from 4G to 2G/3G, is it fine for UR3x router? And will it turn back to 4G if available?

Answer: Yes, Milesight router will adaptive the current cellular condition, and dial back to 4G if available.

Q9Does UF51 support multi APN?

Answer: No, UF51 can only support one APN at one SIM card. If you have such requirement please contact Milesight about it.

Q10How many WiFi clients can we connected to a same UR35?

Answer: UR35 supports 15 Wifi clients at maximum.

Q11Does UR35 support relay output?

Answer: No, the DO port of UR35 cannot work as relay output.If you need to use relay output, please select UC3x series controllers.

Q12Can UF51 stand with 9-56VDC instead of standard 9-48VDC power input?

Answer: No, you can only use the power supply within the 9-48VDC.

Q13Does Milesight router support traffic limiter function?

Answer: Yes, Milesight router have QoS function to limit the bandwidth, and you can set a data limit for cellular.

Q14Does Milesight router support expand the eMMC capacity?

Answer: No, but Milesight router support expand the storage by SD card.

Q15How do I send the GPS information to our server in Milesight router?

Answer: You can refer to this article: How to use GPS in Milesight Routers.

Q16What is the power consumption of 5G CPE?

Answer: The consumption of 5G CPE is below 7W.

Q17Does Milesight router support link aggregation and load balance?

Answer: No, Milesight router doesn't support link aggregation and load balance since it can only use one SIM card and another for backup.