Q1About UC1152: 

1. The counter has 4 bytes unsigned but we would like to know what happens when it overflows.

2. Is it possible to change the pulse triggered to rising edge-triggered?

3. Can I reset the counter remotely?


1. If it reaches to the max value, the counter will be cleared to 0, but it is hard to overflow.

2. Not supported now.

3. Not supported now, there is no downlink command can be used. Please use Toolbox to clean the value currently.

Q2How does RS232 communicate of UC50X?

Answer: The RS232 is transmitted transparently. Please refer to this article to configure it : How to Use RS232 of Milesight Controllers.

Q3What the maximum reporting interval of UC502?

Answer: The max reporting interval is 1080 mins, default is 10 mins.

Q4Can UC1152 and UC51x work as ModBus slave?

Answer: No, UC1152 and UC500 doesn't supporting work as ModBus slave.

Q5Can UC1152 power up serial device like UC50x?

Answer: No, UC1152 doesn't support powering up other device.

Q6Can we make UC500 only report the value when the value is changed?

Answer: Not suppport now, UC500 can only report when the report interval comes. If this feature is necessary for you, please contact Milesight for software customization.

Q7Can we update the firmware of UC1152 hardware V2 to have 16 ModBus register support?

Answer: No, UC1152 hardware V2 and V3 have difference in hardware, you cannot have 16 ModBus register support by firmware update.

Q8What is the power consumption of UC1152?

Answer: UC1152 consumes 0.24W at maximum.