Q1How to place EM310-UDL and EM500-UDL to ensure high accuracy?

Answer: It is recommended that the device is placed in where it is far away from the side-wall more than 30cm and without internal obstructions that block the ultrasonic signal.

Q2Can one probe of EM500-PT100 measure -200℃ to 800℃?

Answer: No, different range uses different PT100 probes. Milesight provide 4 standard probes: T050, T200, T500 and T800. If they both do not suit for your application, please contact Milesight for probe customization.

Q3Why the illuminance of AM319 is 1, there is no unit of this value?

Answer: This value indicates the light level of AM319 so it doesn't have a unit. It's a number from 0-5 that represent the brightness of this room.

Q4Is it possible to connect our own PT100 sensor to EM500 device?

Answer: Yes, but there are 2 points need to check:

1. Please ensure your PT100 sensor is 3-wire; 4-wire could not work with EM500 device;

2. Due to the software limitation, the sensor can only measure the temperature range matching the software range. For example, if you have a device EM500-PT100-T200, it could only use for measuring range between -50℃ to 200℃.

Q5Why does AM319 only report a specific data: { "beep": "no", "tvoc": 202 }?

Answer: This means the TVOC value has reached the Bad threshold you set. Any value that above threshold will trigger the alarm mechanism, and the data will be sent the status to network server. You can change the threshold to a reasonable value for you, or disable the threshold function.


1. What is the max powerful of TXPower in AU915?

2. According to LoRaWAN regional document, the TxPower0 can reach 30 dBm for AU915, why EM500 only shows 22dBm?


1. Usually TXPower 0 is the most powerful.

2. Due to the limitation of our hardware, EM500 device can only achieve up to 22 dBm. But this usually is enough for common communications.

Q7What is the difference of TVOC data between AM319 and AM107?

Answer: AM319 and AM307 use different TVOC sensor from AM107, AM107 TVOC sensor will detect specific TVOC value directly, while AM307 TVOC sensor will return a specific IAQ index.


1. Is the PIR of AM319 detected in real time?

2. Does the emotion on the screen only indicate CO2 measurements?


1. No, PIR status is only collected every 5 seconds, and then report it according to the reporting interval.

2. No, CO2, TVOC, PM2.5, PM10 and HCHO/O3 all supports defining Excellent, Polluted and Bad threshold for screen alarms, when one of concentrations of air pollutants exceeds the Bad threshold, the emotion on the screen will also be changed.

Q9Is it necessary to calibrate EM500-SMT for different soils?

Answer: Usually not need, SMT sensor can detect mineral soil by default, and the mineral soil common used in planting applications. If you need to detect Sandy soil, clay, Organic matter, please contact Milesight for customization.

Q10What is the exactly measurable particle size of AM319? For example can we detect dust with 4 µm diameter?

Answer: AM319 supports detection of PM2.5 which means particle less than 2.5µm diameter and PM10 which means particle between 2.5µm to 10µm diameter. PM10 can reflect the amount of dust with a diameter of 4µm.

Q11Can we use downlink command to configure VS121?

Answer: Yes, please upgrade the sensor firmware to V and later. About the downlink commands please refer to VS121 User Guide.

Q12Can EM310-UDL used to detect the growing height of lawn?

Answer: Not recommend, the height of the grass is inconsistent, there will be a certain measurement error.

Q13Will the signal be affected if we install the sensor inside a metal container? How can we avoid it?

Answer: Yes, closed metal container will decrease signal significantly. You can deploy gateway inside same container as well.

Q14Does Milesight sensor have hazardous location classifications like C1D1?

Answer: No, Milesight sensors doesn’t have hazardous certificates for now.

Q15What is the O3 unit of AM319?

Answer: The O3 unit of AM319 is ppm.

Q16Can AM319 shows TVOC in µg/m³ rather than IAQ?

Answer: No, AM319 can only shows TVOC as IAQ. If you have such requirement please contact Milesight for customization.

Q17Can we manually calibrate TVOC and O3 of AM319?

Answer: You can calibrate O3 manually, but TVOC can’t since it’s a IAQ index not a real air quality value.

Q18Can we configure the screen language of AM300?

Answer: No, AM300 series only support English and Chinese now. If you have this requirement for language please contact Milesight for customization.

Q19Is it possible to preconfigure the sensor before shipment?

Answer: Yes, please contact Milesight for OEM services.

Q20Does WS101 support LoRaWAN Class C? Will Class A cause latency problem on WS101?

Answer: No, WS101 doesn't support Class C due to battery powered, but it will not affect the real time ability since it will upload your button message right away.

Q21Can I trigger the buzzer of WS101 via downlink?

Answer: No, WS101 doesn't support trigger by downlink.

Q22What about the durability of the cable of EM500-SWL?

Answer: The material of the cable will not affect by soaking. The long tern signal stability of this sensor is ±0.3%FS per year.

Q23Does the temperature and humidity sensor of EM300-MCS inside the shell?

Answer: Yes, the temperature and humidity sensor of EM300-MCS are both inside the main part.

Q24Can VS121 used for counting people in and out the door?

Answer: Yes, VS121 support line crossing detection, can used for counting people in and out the door on latest firmware.

Q25Why is the battery life will longer when enable the Screen Smart Mode function of AM sensors?

Answer: When Screen Smart Mode is enabled, the device will pause refreshing the screen if PIR is 0 and last for 20 minutes, which can save the battery life.

Q26: I have a EM500-SWL sensor which the measure range is 5m, can I change a longer cable to expand the maeasure range to 10m?

Answer: No support, the software is fixed the measure range as 5m.