When using Milesight IoT Cloud, if there is a problem with device A, you can directly add device B to Cloud by replacing the SN.By the time,the gateway which the device is connected to can also be changed through the SN.This function ensures that when the equipment fails, we can replace another equipment in time to ensure the normal operation of the project.


  • Milesight LoRaWAN device A and B

1. Device A needs to be bound to the user, not shared by others

2. Device A and B have the same model (You can check model on toolbox or Label).

3. Device B has not been added to Milesight IoT Cloud

  • Milesight IoT Cloud
  • Two Milesight gateways with the same frequency.


Step 1: Go My Devices -> Device to choose the fault sensor, click Setting icon to configure the sensor.

Step 2: Go to Maintenance page, you can see two replacement functions, Replace sensor by SN and Replace the Associated Gateway.

Step 3: Fill in the SN and Application Key of Sensor B. The App Key should be the same as toolbox (Note: The default app key is 5572404c696e6b4c6f52613230313823).

After you replaced the SN,there will be a prompt on the cloud:

Updating SN(641193189475 → 641194784358), the new device will take some time to join the network and be online.

Step 4: Power on or restart sensor B and it will resend the join request to gateway.

Go back to Devices, you will see the sensor B is online.

By the way,if the gateway fails, you can also change the SN to replace the gateway.



Question 1: After replacing the device in this way, will the data collected by the previous device A be lost?

Answer: No, the original configuration and historical data are still there. The data in the cloud has not changed except for the SN number, but the actual operating device has been changed from A to B.

Question 2: If the SN can be changed, what is the unique identification of the device?

Answer: Click the button in the picture,the Device ID will help you distinguish the device A with device B .


Question 3: Where can I see the log of replacing device?

Answer: You can check the replacing history records on the Log page of every device.

①Record for changing device:

②Record for changing gateway: