Q1: Do UG65 and UG67 use the same OS and the same application?

Answer: Yes, UG65 and UG67 use the same firmware.


Q2: What Linux distribution is UG6x running? How much disk space is left?

Answer: UG6x is running an customized Openwrt. The free disk space is around 2GB.


Q3: Can UG65 process and display sensor data locally?

Answer: Yes, you can use Node-Red dashboard node to display data locally.


Q4: Does the UG65 external antenna can be operated at the same time together with the internal antennas?

Answer: Yes, when gateway is sending data, the external antenna used for transmit and internal antenna used for receive.


Q5: Can I  power up the UG65 with USB-C port and a USB charger?

Answer: No, the USB port of UG6x is used for debug only, and you should power UG6x by POE or power adaptor.


Q6: Can we update the Node-Red version of UG6x?

Answer: No, Node-Red of UG6x doesn't support personal upgrade. If you have any requests for it, please contact Milesight about it.


Q7: What JSON format does UG6x used for HTTP communication?

Answer: UG6x support standard JSON format like: {"name1":value1, "name2":value2 ...}. The content varies according to different nodes.


Q8: Can $applicaitonID and $applicationName be used to determine type of sensor in MQTT topic and decode data on server?

Answer: No, you can set different applications for different kind of sensor, and decode the data in gateway.


Q9: How should I connect the UG87 V1 to TTN V3?

Answer: UG87 v1 only supports Semtech package forwarder. Please change the server address to your TTN account server address (for example: eu1.cloud.thethings.network)


Q10: If the gateway lose connection to the Internet, is LoRaWAN data able to transfer to MQTT Broker?

Answer: No, but in the latest firmware version of gateway, these data can be cached, when the gateway restores the connection to the Internet, these data will be re-published to MQTT Broker.


Q11: Can you confirm that packets shown in Network Server -> Packets of gateway's Web GUI is raw data?

Answer: Yes, If you need to decode it, please process in your network server or add as this article: How to Use Payload Codec on Milesight Gateway, then the decoded results will show on the MQTT/HTTP server the gateway connects to.



1. Does the UG6X supports Link Failover?

2. Does the UG6X supports to store the data from sensors?


1. Yes, it can be configured on Network -> Link Failover -> WAN Failover on gateway's Web GUI.

2. Not supported, but you can achieve it via Node Red.



1. Is it possible pre-configuring LoRaWAN node parameters on your gateway network server to make nodes connected automatically?

2. Is it possible to configure gateway for working as MQTT server?

3. Are there any software changes between UG65 and UG67?


1. Yes the gateway supports importing devices in bulk, which is easy for you to import parameters of many devices.

2. Not recommended, it’s suggested to use gateway forward LoRa packages to other third party MQTT server, the internal MQTT broker is use for debug.

3. No, the software of UG65 and UG67 is identical.


Q14: How many characters does the text bar of payload which input downlink command of the gateway support?

Answer: The text bar of payload in gateway supports 64 characters at most. If you have requirement for even longer payload, you can convert hex command into base64 to shorten the payload or use built-in Node-Red.


Q15: I want to change the frequency settings, but error is shown: “Please fill in a valid value, range: (922.9375-923.8625)”, what should I do?

Answer: UG6X can only support changing each frequency channel within the range of center frequency ± 0.4625 MHz, so you can configure the Center Frequency, then change the frequency channel again.


Q16: How to change the TXPower of UG6X?

Answer: If you use gateway embedded network server, please go to Packet Forward > Custom page to change antenna_gain according to example file. For example, if you set antenna_gain as 7, the gateway tx power will be decreased by 7. If you use external network server, please configure it on your network server.


Q17: I installed latest firmware version, but I can't see Loriot connection.

Answer: You can clean your cache and cookie of web browser, and try again.


Q18: What's the distance the Milesight gateways cover?

Answer: It also depends on the environment. LoRaWAN gateways can cover a wide range by the CSS chirp with Spreading Factor, the distance can reach 15-20 km maximum. But if it's in building or in the city installation, the range will be decreased to 2km or so. Please also refer to the article How to Improve the LoRa Signal for more info.