This article will guide you how to connect Milesight Gateway to the Internet.


Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway UG6x or UG8x.


Connect via Ethernet

1. Go to Network -> Interface -> Port to configure WAN settings and click Save & Apply.

Connection type: Static IP, DHCP Client, PPPoE.

DNS server: Resolve or translate domain name into public IP addresses needed for your device to actually communicate with that site.

  • Static IP

IP address: Define according to your network device subnet. For example, if your network router LAN port IP is, the UG6x/UG8x Ethernet port IP should be 192.168.22.x.

Gateway: Upper router/switch IP address.


  • DHCP Client

If the upper router has DHCP server enabled, you can configure the gateway as DHCP Client. Gateway IP address can be found on router DHCP list.

  • PPPoE

Type username and password of dialing account.

2. Connect gateway Ethernetport to router/switch and use WAN IP address to access the web GUI of gateway.

3. Go to Maintenance -> Tools -> Ping to check network connection.


Connect via Cellular

1. Insert SIM card to SIM slot correctly.

Note: Make sure SIM card is charged and can be used in other network devices like cellphone.

2. Go to Network->Interface->Cellular to enable and configure cellular settings.

  • Type APN and other SIM card information.
  • Type correct ICMP server.
  • Enable Roaming if your SIM card is a roaming card.
  • Click Save and Apply.

3. Go to Status-> Cellular to check the status of cellular connection.

4. Go to Maintenance -> Tools -> Pinto check network connection.


Connect via Wi-Fi

1. Go to Network -> Interface -> WLAN to select Client mode and click Scan to search for Wi-Fi access points.

Note: If you use Wi-Fi to access the web GUI of gateway, please do not change the mode to Client.

2. Select valid access point and click Join Network.

3. Type the password of Wi-Fi access point if it is encrypted.

Click Save and Apply Button.

4. Go to Status -> WLAto check WIFI connection.

5.  Go to Maintenance -> Tools -> Pinto check network connection.