Q1: What is the detection field of EM300-TH?

Answer: EM300-TH can only detect the spot where it is. If the space you want to detect wasn't changed a lot, then one sensor is enough. And you can also put more sensor for more accuracy value.


Q2: What is the unit of AM319 for TVOC value?

Answer: TVOC value of AM319 doesn't have unit, it represent by IAQ index.


Q3: What is the gain of the internal LoRa antenna of AM300 series?

Answer: AM300-915M is 0.85dBi, AM300-868M is 1.4dBi.


Q4: Does WS202 support reporting exactly light value?

Answer: No, WS202 can only report the lightness status as bright or dark. You can change the threshold for it.


Q5: Why CO2 sensor of AM307 is more accurate than AM319?

Answer: Because their CO2 sensors are from different manufacturers.


Q6: Does Milesight LoRaWAN sensor use encrypted communication between gateway? If yes, how do you provision the keys for encryption?

Answer: Yes. Once gateway accepts the join request form sensor, the sensor will generate NwkSkey and AppSkey which used for encryption.


Q7: Does Milesight sensor and gateway support firmware upgrade over the air?

Answer: Milesight sensor does not support upgrade over the air and can only upgrade via Toolbox, and Milesight gateway can upgrade over the air if you connect it to DeviceHub.


Q8: Is EM500-SWL affected by water condense or freeze?

Answer: No, as long as the probe of EM500-SWL is immerse in water, the result will not be affected.


Q9: Does AM107 have local storage like AM300 series?

Answer: No, only AM300 series supports local storage for now.


Q10: What is the capacity of AM300 local storage?

Answer: AM300 can store up to 18000 messages.


Q11: Do you have a plan to update firmware of AM100 series that can set the Threshold for the PIR sensor as well?

Answer: No, for this kind of application, WS202 or VS121 is more suitable for you.


Q12: For VS121 sensor,

1. Is the sensor able to count number of opening/closing door or window?

2. What is the technology used to detect/count people?

3. How it reports the number of people?


1. Not supported now, you can achieve it in your own platform.

2. It bases on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to counting people.

3. It will report the number of people according to reporting interval. And you can set Report by Result, when it detects the number of people changed, it will report immediately.


Q13: Does VS121 support to change reporting interval and to be changed via downlink command?

Answer: No, it only supports to change the reporting interval via sensor's web GUI currently.


Q14: Is it possible for EM310 to read inclination angle?

Answer: Not supported now, but if you have certain project require this feature, you can contact Milesight sales for customization.


Q15: Does WS202 send PIR status in real time changes?

Answer: Almost yes, but after triggered, WS202 will stop detecting for a few seconds to avoid trigger frequently.


Q16: I placed two EM300-TH in parallel on both sides of the box and measured them for 30 minutes, but why the result and tendency between two sensors are different?

Answer: You can put both sensors to the same position (put one unit on the top of other unit) and test them for a longer time, for example two hours.


Q17: How long does the EM500-SWL run on the internal super capacitor after the battery is removed?

Answer: If the device is on, the capacitor can only support 2-3 LoRaWAN uplinks, and the time depends on your reporting interval.


Q18: In addition to calibration of CO2 through Toolbox app or software, is there any other method that can be used to calibrate CO2.

Answer: Yes, you can use downlink command ff1a00 for Factory Calibration Restored, and ff1a03 for Manual Calibration.


Q19: What is the type of each environment polluatant sensor in AM300?



HCHO/O3-EC(Electrochemical) Sensor

AM307 CO2-NDIR Sensor

AM319 CO2-Photoacoustic Sensor

PM2.5/PM10-Laser Scattering Sensor


Q20: Can I work your devices with other manufacturers' LoRa sensors together?

Answer: Yes, definitely. Since they are all based on the standardized LoRaWAN protocol, so you can work our LoRaWAN sensors with other brands together in a same network, it's the same to the LoRaWAN gateways.


Q21: What's the battery life of the devices AM100 & AM300?

Answer: It depends on how you set up the data report frequency and spreading factor. The higher the SF level, the more power consumption. Take 10 min interval and SF7 as example, AM104 battery life is about 1.3 years, AM107 battery life is about 0.75 years, AM307 battery life is about 4 years. AM319 only supports DC power supply so it does not have battery life. 


Q22: What's the LoRaWAN class type of WS101 and its uplink interval if it's class A?

Answer: WS101 supports Class A and the uplink inerval is configureable. But usually it will upload message when you press the button.

Q23: Can Milesight sensors work with Helium Hotspot?

Answer: Yes, any LoRaWAN compliant sensors can work with Helium Hotspot.