1. Can a flow meter with a pulse output of 4.5V be connected to UC51X?
  2. Which type of water meter is recommended to connect to the UC51X?


  1. No, UC501 can not work with this meter since the max voltage load of pulse input is 3.3V.
  2. It's suggested to connect the pulse water meter which uses dry contact reed switch.



  1. How to control solenoid valve of UC511 via application server?
  2. Is there a downlink command which can be used to control valve at a specific time?


  1. You can use the downlink commands from UC51x Series Communication Protocol to control the valve. It's suggested to use Milesight IoT Cloud which supports control the valve directly.
  2. Not support, but you can process the server to send downlink commands to control the valve at a specific time.


Q3: Why is the counter reset of UC1122 at midnight?

Answer: When the device is powered off, the counter will be reset, and if the device is restarted, the count will continue to accumulate. So you can check whether there is a regular power failure at midnight in installation environment of UC1122.


Q4: Is there a downlink command that can reboot UC1152?

Answer: You can try command ff10ff to achieve the device reboot and re-join network.


Q5: How much current output of the UC51x series controller solenoid interface?

Answer: The solenoid output is a pulse output and the current depends on your solenoid power consumption. Usually UC51x supports solenoid with power up to 10W.



  1. How should I configure the UC501?
  2. If we order larger numbers of UC501, is it possible have random AppKeys for each device?


  1. UC51x can be configured via NFC or type-C USB inside the device.
  2. Yes, random Appkey is supported when you order.


Q7: I have sent a downlink command: ff1d2001 to open the solenoid valve and the gateway received the ACK packet, but solenoid valve is still closed.

Answer: The sequence which is included in downlink command should be increased after it has been used in one command sent to devices, so you need to send the second command as ff1d2002. Besides, you can also set the sequence as 00, which sends as ff1d2000.


Q8: What is the minimum voltage input it requires to charge the battery on UC511?

Answer: The solar panel needs at least 5V voltage to charge the battery.


Q9: What is the maximum charge current it can give to the battery on UC511?

Answer: The maximum input voltage for charging the battery is 480 mA.