Q1: There are some water meters with pulse interface require to be monitored on cloud and calculated for tenant billing. Can you provide some suggestions?

Answer: Water meters with pulse interfaces can be connected to Milesight UC50x controller and send to LoRaWAN gateway (base station). Milesight IoT Cloud can receive water meter pulse data but does not support billing feature. You can find another meter billing platform to receive and process data from Milesight LoRaWAN gateway which supports MQTT/HTTP to connect to other platforms.


Q2: Is it possible for two UC1114 to communicate with each other without gateway?

Answer: No, a standard LoRaWAN gateway and NS are necessary for LoRaWAN node communications.


Q3: Is it possible to reset the counter on the UC11XX?

Answer: Yes, there are two ways to reset it: reset via toolbox, auto reset the counter when it is overflow. Besides, when the device is powered off, the counter will also be reset.


Q4: Is it possible to send a downlink for opening and closing the valve in UC511?

Answer: Yes, you can control the valves using downlink. For details please refer to this link.


Q5: Which LoRaWAN controller should I use to work with MODBUS TCP signals?

Answer: We don't have LoRaWAN controller that can support Modbus TCP signals, because our controllers UC501& UC502 are supporting Modbus RTU (RS232/RS485) only. Modbus TCP usually requires ETH port which is not available in our controller.