Q1: Is there any way to adapt a relay output to UC501?

Answer: UC501's digital output cannot work as relay output, since it's limited by the hardware. You will need to prepare an outside relay option to connect them together.


Q2: Is there an option for UC500 with an external antenna to improve range?

Answer: Not support for standard version, if you have a certain project with similar requirement please contact our sales.


Q3: If I send downlink messages to all UC11xx devices at once, will they all get the message at the same time or  will they get them one by one?

Answer: Since UC11xx doesn't support multicasting, you can't send downlink to all UC11xx at the same time.


Q4: Is UC501 able to charge other devices?

Answer: Yes, it can power or charge the serial and AI devices shortly to get data.


Q5: What is the mcu of UC511?

Answer: It's STM32L475RGT6.


Q6: What payload should I send to UC51x to turn the solenoid on and off?

Answer: You can refer to UC51x Communication Protocol.


Q7: It is possible to use a downlink to configure any of the IF-THEN command of UC1122?

Answer: No, UC11xx does not support configuring IF-THEN commands via downlinks.


Q8: Can the Milesight LoRaWAN controller cache data when the gateway is disconnected?

Answer: Not support now, please contact Milesight about it if you have any application or project for this feature.


Q9: How to connect dry contact device to UC1152 DI?

Answer: Connect UC1152 VIN to IN, then connect IN_COM and GND to dry contact device.