Q1: Can UC11xx reflect if the DO device malfunction or not?

Answer: No, UC11xx can only report the open or close state of DO , cannot tell if the device malfunction or not.


Q2: Can we get electrical source and hourly energy consumption from UC11xx?

Answer: No, UC11xx only work as a relay, will not power the serial devices and cannot record power consumption.


Q3: What is maximal baud rate for UC11xx?

Answer: The max baud rate for UC11xx is 115200.


Q4: Can UC11xx report the status of devices?

Answer: Yes, UC11xx can report the High or Low level of device, and you can transfer it to the real device status on your application server.


Q5: What is the maximum current for the 3V3 output of UC50x?

Answer: The maximum current is 300 mA.


Q6: Do I need to modify something in hardware part when using RS232/RS485 of UC50X?

Answer: No, just choose it in Toolbox directly. But RS232 need to connect 3 wires, RS485 needs two pins only, you need to check your own sensor to decide which one to use.



1. Can UC50X which is ADR enabled adjust datarate/TX power automatically if it is not connected to the gateway?

2. How does UC50X recognize that it has lost the connection?


1. No, if the UC50x does not join the network, the datarate/TX power will not adjust. About the ADR mode, it only works after joining the network.

2. It depends on if you enable the re-join mode, if enabled, it will re-join after not reply after some packets.


Q8: I use AIN1 and AIN2 of UC502 to measure voltage of 0-10V, but it seems that the range is 0-1V.

Answer: Please check if you switch the AI-1 and AI-2 to 0-10V mode both in hardware and software, since it's 4-20mA mode by default.


Q9: UC1122 with v2.x hardware version send serial value separately according to the reporting interval, but with v3.x hardware version send one packet containing all info, is it possible for UC1122 with v3.x hardware version to change this function?

Answer: It's not suggested to change back since more package transmission will increase the risk of package loss. If you want to check payloads separately, you can make a simple logic in your application server to manage the upload data.


Q10: If UC1122 is powered off, how do I know if the device is offline?

Answer: UC1122 usually reports to AS via gateway in a certain period. If the UC1122 is powered off, you can judge it by checking whether the AS can receive the data. Milesight IoT cloud will judge according to the reporting period. If the sensor does not report data after three reporting periods, it will judge that UC1122 is offline.


Q11: UC1152 originally supported configuration of 8 Modbus registers, has that now been expanded to 16 Modbus registers?

Answer: Yes, new hardware (v3.0) UC1152 already supported 16 modbus channels. And old hardware (v2.x) still supports 8 registers.


Q12: How to configurate the state of the relay output to be low after UC1152 power on?

Answer: It can only keep the same digital out status as before powering off currently.


Q13: What is resolution of the UC50x ADC?

Answer: The resolution of UC50x analog is 12 bit.


Q14: How to clean the value of counter on UC511?

Answer: Currently the counter clean only works when reset to factory default.


Q15: Is it possible to update the firmware to have 16 modbus registers for UC11-N1?

Answer: No, UC11-N1 can only support 8 registers. If you need 16 modbus register, please use UC50x series controllers.


Q16: How many different M-bus meters can be connected to UC502?

Answer: UC50x controller does not support M-bus currently.