The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an internet standard communication protocol for email transmission. Mail servers and other message transfer agents can use SMTP to send and receive mail messages. DeviceHub support setup a SMTP server for send alarm email. You can follow this article for how to configure SMTP server on DeviceHub.


On-premises DeviceHub 2.1.3 and later


Step 1: Make sure you already set up SMTP server configuration.

Step 2: Navigate to Setting -> Email -> Outgoing Mail Server to set up SMTP.

Step 3: Enter the correct parameter.

Email: The email address you want to used for send email

Password: Your password for this email address

Server: The correct SMTP server of this email provider.

Port: The correct port for this server.

Security: The encryption way that server are requesting.

Step 4: Click Test, DeviceHub will send a test email via the email address you entered. If your email address receive this test email, the test bottom will change to Success and automatically save the configuration.

Once you save the configuration and leave this page, the Password text bar will turn blank, it's a normal behavior.



Currently many Email providers will limit third-party application access the SMTP service due to security reason. Let's take Gmail as an example on how to configure SMTP server.

Step 1: You can check the SMTP setting on Gmail official website.


Port: 465

Security: SSL

Step 2: Turn on IMAP on Gmail.

Login your Gmail account, navigate to Settings > See all settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > IMAP access, enable IMAP and click ‘Save Changes’.

Step 3: Add app password.

Navigate to Security > Signing in to Google to select 2-Step Verification. At the bottom of the page, select App passwords. If you do not have this option, please refer to Google Account Help.

Select the App or device as Other and customize the name, then click GENERATE.

Copy and save this app password, click DONE.

Step 4: Enter the SMTP setting on DeviceHub web interface, the password is the app password you geneate in step 3, and click Test. Once your Gmail address receives the notification Email, your SMTP setting is complete.