UG67 has five capacitors, and each one is about 25 Farad for the device to continue to work for a period of time after it is powered off (it can work for about 80-90s under a normal full charge). At present, after powered off or on for more than 3s, UG67 can send emails or SMS to the corresponding recipients.


Step 1: Set SMTP client or add SMS center number 

UG67 adopts one e-mail address working as SMTP client and use this SMTP client to send emails. For this step, please refer to article How to Send Email Notification.

For cellular version, after the cellular is registered, you can also configure the SMS center number to allow the gateway to send SMS.

Step 2: Set phone number list or Email list

Go to System > General Settings> Phone or Email to set up accounts to receive reminder message.

Step 3: Set Trigger Events

Go to System > Events > Events Settings to set the power-off and power-on alarm.

Note: When using the cellular Internet, the device will immediately report the power failure event when the device is powered off; when using Ethernet connection, the gateway will not send the alarm due to PoE supply disconnection.

Besides, when you log in the gateway first time, you can also follow the guideline to configuration SMTP settings and contact information.

Step 4: Trigger an alarm event

①Disconnect the ETH and UG67 lost power.



② Connect the ETH and UG67 get power.