Q1: Can we add wireless access point to Milesight router to create a mesh network?

Answer: No, Milesight router doesn't support wireless bridge and can only work either AP or client.


Q2: Does Milesight router support SISO?

Answer: Yes, Milesight router support standard LTE function, which is SISO.


Q3: Can POE port of UR3X be used to power cycle the device connected?

Answer: Not supported now, it needs the hardware and the software customization. If you have any project, please contact Milesight about it.


Q4: I sent show cellular info via SMS to UR3X and I received failure: show cellular info, what should I do?

Answer: You can send show cellular module info. And ensure your phone number is in the phone list for the SMS Remote Control feature. Besides, you can also access to router as admin via SSH to verify the CLI command. If some commands need to input en and conf t before, SMS command also the same.


Q5: How long does the link switch of UR3X take?

Answer: Switch time between failover links is mostly depend on detection setting. You can shorten the time by decrease Interval, Max Ping Retries, and delete Secondary Server.


Q6: Is it possible to read register or boolean values and send SMS alarms via UR32?

Answer: Yes, UR32 can read modbus register values via RS232/RS485 or Ethernet port and send SMS alarms.


Q7: Can Milesight router work with the IP camera with PoE 30W ?

Answer: Yes, Milesight UR series router supports 802.3at PoE PSE, can supply up to 30W.


Q8: Are Milesight 5G solutions supporting NSA DC_3A_N41A band?

Answer: Yes, Milesight 5G CPE and UR75 5G both supports NSA DC_3A N41A band.