Q1: Can EM500-PP be used to measure pressure of pneumatic system?

Answer: Please check the questions below:

1. Whether the pressure of the pneumatic system is within the detection range (0 - 1600 kPa (16 Bar))

2. Whether the connection type can fitting to your pneumatic system. Default type is G 1/2".

3. Whether the pneumatic system contains corrosive substance, which will erode the probe.

If there is no problem with the above three points, then EM500-PP can be used.


Q2: Can I get a calibration date from the payload of the EM300 series?

Answer: No, it's not supported.


Q3: When will the temperature, humidity, and door status of EM300-MCS be reported?

Answer: For EM300-MCS, temperature, humidity and door status will be sent according to reporting interval. And door open/close status will also upload when the status changes.


Q4: About VS121:

1. What is the recognition rate of VS121?

2. What is the maximum detection range of VS121?

3. Is it possible to distinct between male and females. Can the age of the persons also be determined?

4. I see an example on the site that at a height of 3 meters there is 6 x 8 meters detection area. Can the meter also be placed higher and will the detection then be larger?

5. Can we use the sensor at an entrance for people entering or leaving the store. (People counter)

6. Can the VS121 also indicate the number of people per zone?

7. If we place the VS121 at for example on 2.5 meters or 5 meters, can you indicate the margins of error?


1. The recognition rate is up to 95%.

2. The height should not more than 5m and 3m is the best choice.

3. Not support. VS121 is used for counting people based on heads and shoulders. If you have any project for it, please contact Milesight for the software customization. Besides, you can use Milesight cameras with face detection feature.

4. Yes, the range will increase. But VS121 can not ensure the 95% recognition rate.

5. Not supported now, but we are evaluating this feature and maybe add this feature in next version, you can also try Milesight camera which has already supported this feature.

6. Not support now, VS121 only detect the total people in detection area.

7. For distance within the 3m, the recognition rate is about 95%; 5m is not suggested.


Q5: Is it possible to report immediately when the PIR of AM107 and AM319 detects any motion?

Answer: Not support. For detecting motion and reporting alarm, WS202 is a better choice.


Q6: Do you have sensor with triaxial accelerometer?

Answer: Yes, EM310-UDL equips with 3-axis accelerometer to detect the status of container cover.


Q7: AQS sensor effectiveness expires over time, does O3 and HCHO sensors of AM319 require replacement?

Answer: Yes, O3 sensor has a 2-year working life and HCHO sensor has a 5-year working life, both sensors suppports replacement like battery.


Q8: Is the level transmitter of EM500-SWL with ventilation tube? What is the power supply and output on the level transmitter?

Answer: Yes, EM500-SWL has ventilation tube, and supply voltage is 9-28V, level transmitter output is ModBus.


Q9: For Milesight LoRaWAN sensors:

  1. What is the data usage?
  2. How is the information recorded and is API access offered? Is an additional price attached for API Access?


  1. The communication between sensors and LoRaWAN gateway is using LoRaWAN technology, will not cost extra data usage. Network data traffic is consumed only when the gateway interacts with other platforms. The data usage is depend on sensor packet size, report interval and the activity of gateway connection with other platforms.
  2. The sensor doesn’t have API, you can use MQTT/HTTP protocol to get sensor data from gateway, and will not cost extra fee.


Q10: Do you have any IAQ sensor that has ModBus output?
Answer: No, we don't have IAQ sensor with ModBus output.


Q11: Is the mounting bracket provided in the EM500 packing list?

Answer: Yes, we will ship with bracket and screws.


Q12: Can VS121 used for detection of social distance?

Answer: No, VS121 doesn't have this feature currently.


Q13: Is the temp/humidity sensing element outside the EM300-TH plastic enclosure?

Answer: No, the sensor is inside and there is a ventilating valve on the shell to allow external air to flow.


Q14: Can the detection range and area of WS202 be adjusted?

Answer: No, the detection range and area of PIR sensor cannot be adjusted.


Q15: Does Milesight AM300 series have RESET certification?

Answer: No, AM300 doesn't support RESET air certification for now. Please contact Milesight if you ave any requirement for it.


Q16: Can the detection range of EM310-UDL or EM500-UDL be adjusted?

Answer: No, the detection range of ultrasonic cannot be adjusted.


Q17: What is the working temperature of red cable of EM500-PT100? Is it waterproof?

Answer: It works at -200 to 290℃, and it is waterproof.


Q18: Can we use EM310-UDL to detect moving vehicles?

Answer: No, ultrasonic cannot be used for moving detection because of doppler effect.


Q19: Do you provide a way for us to upload training data to VS121 to recognize other objects?

Answer: No, if you have requirement to detect other objects, please contact Milesight about it.


Q20: Is it possible to geo-localized WS101?

Answer: No, WS101 doesn't support this feature.


Q21: Can VS121 measure the length of time how many people were in a room? Or do you only have time stamps with the number of people presence?

Answer: No, VS121 can only detect the total number of detect area now.