Milesight VPN supports seamless connect with Milesight router. You can refer to Milesight VPN user guide for installation. The default valid time for Milesight VPN certification is 365 days. If you confirm the certificates of Milesight VPN is outdated, or you want to extend the invalid date of Milesight VPN, you can refer to this article for regenerate the new one.


Milesight VPN 2.0.1


Step 1: Change the default valid time of certificates:

vi /milesight_vpn/urvpn/openssl/openssl.conf 

And change default_days to value you want.

Step 2: Delete all file under /milesight_vpn/urvpn/controllers_ca, /milesight_vpn/urvpn/router_ca, /milesight_vpn/urvpn/server_ca, /milesight_vpn/urvpn/root_ca,

you can use command:

sudo rm -f /milesight_vpn/urvpn/root_ca/* /milesight_vpn/urvpn/routers_ca/* /milesight_vpn/urvpn/server_ca/* /milesight_vpn/urvpn/controllers_ca/*

Step 3: Generate the root.key and root.crt by command:

sudo openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -out /milesight_vpn/urvpn/root_ca/root.crt -keyout /milesight_vpn/urvpn/root_ca/root.key -subj "/C=CN/ST=FJ/L=XM/O=Milesight/OU=Cloud Server/CN=MILESIGHT/" -days 3650 -config /milesight_vpn/urvpn/openssl/openssl.conf

Note: 3650 is valid date for the certificate, you can change to whatever you like.

Step 4: Restart Milesight VPN by command:

/etc/init.d/ stop

/etc/init.d/ start


Check Certificates Valid Date

You can check expire date of your root certificate by command:

sudo openssl x509 -noout -text -in /milesight_vpn/urvpn/root_ca/root.crt