Calibration in measurements is fundamentally significant for users and businesses because it will help them to establish confidence in industrial scenarios that involve monitoring and recording.

The Definition of Calibration

Calibration, if not any special cases, often refer to the accuracy and quality of measurements noted by any devices or machines. More importantly, calibration is one of the primary processes used to maintain instrument accuracy, especially in industrial environments.

The Significance of Calibration

However, this protocol lacks features for production-ready networks:

  • Precision is the degree to which repeated measurements under unchanged conditions show the same result.
  • Accuracy is the degree of closeness of measurements of a quantity to its actual true value.

Usually, the accuracy in results recorded in certain applications, such as monitoring of temperature or humidity, may change due to the long passage of time. In order to maintain high accuracy, engineers need to constantly calibrate values during the device’s lifetime. Given that error values may take place during calibration, approximation error should be kept within an acceptable range.

The Elements of Calibration


Usually, you do not need to calibrate the entire temperature range of the sensor; however, you should still pay attention to the value of temperature in order to avoid extremely high or low-temperature value.

Reference Temperature Sensor
The calibration process generally involves using the “calibrators” despite the exact procedure may vary according to different products and environments.

It is universally acknowledged that dry-blocks and liquid baths offer an internal reference sensor that measures the temperature. In order to acquire more accurate results, you should also be using an accurate reference temperature sensor placed in the same environment as the sensor(s) to be calibrated. It is important to make the reference sensor and sensor to be calibrated immersed in the same depth in the same environment.

Approximation Error Acquisition after Temperature Change
Be patient when you are waiting long enough to see the temperature change.

Sensor Adjustment via ToolBox
Make sure your ToolBox version is 5.20 and above.

  • Enable Calibration Function
  • Enter the Calibration Value and Save