This article describes the steps to add Milesight IoT end devices on Loriot, with a LoRaWAN® gateway that uses same regional parameters already added. For the steps about the gateway, refer to How to connect Milesight Gateway to Loriot.


  • Loriot account
  • A Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway connecting to Loriot
  • Milesight LoRaWAN® end devices whose frequency plan matches the gateway’s


  1. Go to Dashboard -> Applications, create a new application and choose Enroll Device, fill in a Title name, and get the Device EUI, Join EUI(App EUI) and Application Key from Milesight Toolbox software or APP. Application Key is: 5572404c696e6b4c6f52613230313823 by default.Note: Make sure that the frequency plan and frequency settings of gateway and node are matched.
  2. Go to Dashboard -> Applications -> Devices -> Last data, you can check the uplink data.
  3. Go to Dashboard -> Applications -> Devices -> Send downlink, you can control the devices via downlink command.

    Example: change device reporting interval to 20 minutes.

    Fill in 85 for Port, send the Payload: ff03b004 to set report interval as 20 minutes, and click on Send to device.

                                                                                         ----END- --