1.Milesight UC3x Remote IO

2.Milesight Cloud Account

UC3x Configuration 

Step 1: Connect UC3x to ToolBox via USB and make sure the network status is “registered” before adding the device to Milesight Cloud.

Step 2: Set the “Application Mode” as “Milesight Cloud” in “General”. There will be Attention if you go to “Channel” and “Command” page. You can also configure these functions on Milesight Cloud.

Milesight Cloud Configuration

Step 1: register a Milesight Cloud account.

Step 2: After signing into Milesight Cloud, click “Add” to add device on Milesight Cloud.


You will see as below once the device has been added successfully.

Click  to enter Configuration page and configure the UC3x on the cloud.

You can set different commands via Trigger Settings.


You can check the new firmware version, reboot and transfer devices in “Maintenance” page.