Q1: Why does the E-ink display of AM sensors from time to time turn black and turn off? It seems like the device reboots.

Answer: The E-ink screen is refreshing, and it's not reboot. It will refresh every 30 minutes.


Q2: What's the calibration process for EM500-SWL?

Answer:  The basic calibration is numerical calibration. You can type the calibration value and it will add to raw value. For more info you can refer to user guide.

Q3: I have Milesight Sensor. The value I am reading through the ToolBox App is not the same as the payload value in TTN. Why?

Answer: You can double check if the decoder script code you filled on the TTN is correct. You can find the code on this link and compare.


Q4: After being tested for several times, the EM300-ZLD water-leakage sensor is not able to detect water leakage. Why?

Answer: When you doing test, make sure the string of the probe is tiled and half height of the string is drown in the water.


Q5: I have AM107 connected to TTN v2. And the device is configured to send data every 5 minutes. However, I only get the join request and then one single downlink packet and then nothing more. The device still shows as connected in the paper display and indeed in ToolBox. Please advise what I am doing wrong.


1. Please double check if you type correct Dev EUI, App EUI and App key, especially the App EUI. TTN will generate its own App EUI, which may differ from the default settings.

2. Change the LoRaWAN® version on AM107 to 1.0.2. For more information please refer to this article AM/EM Sensors Packet Loss in TTN.


Q6: I have UC11-T1 devices installed on site sending data but all values are zero. Just before they fail there's the payload “FF0CFF” which I can’t decode.

Answer: The payload "FF0CFF" means the T1 was powered off. You can go check if the devices are powered on correctly.


Q7: What is the green wire of EM500-SMTC for?

Answer: The green wire of EM500-SMTC is used for debugging. Generally there is no need to connect it. But it's suggested to make it wrapped insulation.


Q8: What if EM500-UDL send abnormal value like once per a few minutes?

Answer:  Since EM500-UDL measures the distance to a wide range of objects by the ultrasonic sound waves, any object in the measured range may interfere with the results. You can enable "Abnormal Value Prevention" feature on the EM500-UDL, which will make sensor measure more times if getting abnormal values.

Q9: We have a bunch of sensors installed in a remote building. The gateway was unplugged for a long period. When it's plugged again, only a few sensors shown up. Can you please confirm that the sensors have a mechanism to join again in this situation?

Answer: You can check whether "Confirmed Mode" and "Rejoin Mode" are enabled. If yes, the sensor will rejoin when there is no ACK received from the gateway.

Q10: What is the sensor calibration value of EM500-SMTC-868 electrical conductivity? Millisiemens, microsiemens or decisiemens?

Answer: The unit is in microsiemens.


Q11: If we lose our connection with NS and can not send command to sensor via NS (LoRa), can we connect to gateway directly and send command to sensor?

Answer:  If sensor is joinged the network of gateway embeded network server, you can send downlink command on "Network Server->Packets" page to control it.


Q12: What is the default username and password for Milesight sensors?

Answer:  The default password for all AM/EM sensors is 123456. You can download documents for more Milesight product information from Milesight website.


Q13: EM500-UDL is to measure water level. In the winter time the water surface will freeze and snow will lay on the top of the ice, will the sensor still monitor the ice/water level?

Answer: Yes, Milesight has two kinds of models of EM500-UDL, one of which is specialized in snowfield.


Q14: How can I calibrate the EM500-UDL?

Answer:The EM500-UDL can support to two kinds of calibration by Toolbox App or software:

  • Distance/level calibration: After saving the calibration value, the sensor will add the calibration value to raw value and send the final value.
  • Measure outlier calibration: If current value exceeds the outlier range/value, the sensor will re-collect the value.


Q15: What is the size I can customize the straight tube probe to be for the EM500-PT100?

Answer: The standard size of the EM500-PT100 is 4*30mm and it can be customized to 8*50mm.


Q16: Can the EM300-SLD/ZLD detect Leakage on Oil distribution Pipelines? or does the connected probe only Sense water leakage in the proximity of the Installation area?

Answer: The EM300-SLD/ZLD detects the presence of water by its conductivity. Oil conducts electricity is poor, so it cannot detect oil.


Q17: Do you have AM107 but without a visible display?

Answer: Yes, the AM107 could customize to fulfill your demand.


Q18: What is the probe model of the EM500-PP?

Answer: MPM4780 of the Microsensor.